9 The Soviet Littoral, 1974

The Soviet Littoral, 1974

Posted on November 6, 2010 by team

Some photos from the “Soviet Littoral” book, 1974. People, buildings, demonstrations, factories, sanatoriums, cars, ships and even landscapes – everything here is typical of the Soviet seaside 70-s.


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9 Responses to “The Soviet Littoral, 1974”

  1. rainbow stalin says:


  2. bugi says:

    sign “INTERNET” on the last picture. fail!

  3. amin says:

    This is real classical english russia .Very nice pictures.

  4. DCC says:

    Many of these pictures belong to Vladivostok, including the 2 last modern ones.

  5. Valiant says:

    Nice pictures, but some have not been properly downloaded and cannot be seen.

  6. Greek says:

    So simple…so beautiful…so Russian))))))

  7. Mauricio Peña says:

    ! SLAVA URSS, SLAVA STALIN, SLAVA LENIN ! salutes of the america for most brave of most country of the world ! THE URSS !

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