27 “Cosy” Siberian Towns

“Cosy” Siberian Towns

Posted on November 3, 2010 by team

Photos of little Siberian towns. Some of them are now abandoned, some are populated, but living there is not a honeymoon. These pictures remind of the fact that a human being can adapt to any conditions.


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27 Responses to ““Cosy” Siberian Towns”

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, like Africa.

  2. Lim says:


    Great photos, but I think you should put some credit about the site where you found this set (DRB).

    Best regards!

  3. Jim-Bob says:

    The first picture says it all. I feel bad for people living there as the Soviet era industries produce so damn much pollution that it must be hard to breathe.

  4. YJ says:

    A proud Russian would say Moscow is the only Russia.

    • Don says:

      A proud russian say Siberia and other parts is Russia,but not Moscow,it been Russia long time ago, now its own Moscow Kingdom.

  5. iP says:

    Part of theese “Siberian Towns” is allocated in European part of Country – region 35

  6. petya says:

    It’d be nice to know where these places are.

  7. Poche says:

    Looks cheerfull

  8. First says:

    First picture reminds me of Mt. Doom from Lord of the Rings

  9. CZenda says:

    True Communist “progress”. The “Black Triangle” located on the borders of Czechoslovakia, DDR and Poland looked like this 20 yrs ago.

  10. Vitaliy says:

    =) Never sow something like it here. Also I not sure that this is Russia, it can be post Soviet territory. Normally each country have regressed territory. Each town have building before destroy. & I would look on your country after losing in cold war, you know it’s not so easy.

  11. Testicules says:

    If I lived in Siberia I would be doing everything I could to create global warming too.

  12. George says:

    You should entitle this post as “Western Democracy enters Siberia”.

  13. pickled says:

    So everyone in that city lives in those housing projects?

  14. daMaGE says:



  15. polish jew says:


    Some of the pictures show Norilsk.

    Yes it is not cosy, but all of us will go there where a lot of $ is being earned. We cannot judge this!

    Great post,

    Thank you

  16. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Whoa…I have never seen anyplace where so many towns, etc., are just abandoned.

  17. shmalex says:

    it’s hard to see the difference between abandoned and populated buildings :(

  18. rere says:

    mordor ?

  19. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.

    METPO 2033 deja vú

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