9 A Horrible Flood In The Krasnodar Territory

A Horrible Flood In The Krasnodar Territory

Posted on November 1, 2010 by team


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9 Responses to “A Horrible Flood In The Krasnodar Territory”

  1. capitalist pig says:


  2. Chololo says:

    Doesn’t look that bad, should see our floods in Tabasco, at the southeast of Mexico

  3. Ted says:

    And people here in America think they have it bad with Obama. I feel sorry for these people.

  4. wrd says:

    11th image – putin in the tent?

  5. Testicules says:

    Looks like any other Russian town…

  6. shmalex says:

    horrible.. poor people

  7. amin says:

    Russia is always great and wonderful.Thanks to englishrussia.com

  8. Testicules says:

    A. Bunka here.
    So the people will destroy their own buildings to get the money. Filthy dishonest ones.

  9. Bigg Fredd says:

    Beautiful old mirror they hope to salvage.

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