22 Magnificent Evenkia

Magnificent Evenkia

Far North of Russia with all its
wild beauty is on these photos.
Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University 1
15 Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University

Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University

Basement of the Moscow State University building - some people suppose it's the place from where one can
enter the secret "Metro 2", others believe it to be a perfect place for a test rats farm...
Don\'t Go Mini In Ukraine! 1
5 Don’t Go Mini In Ukraine!

Don’t Go Mini In Ukraine!

It seems like a mini is a wrong
choice for the Ukrainian road...
Colors of World War II 1
31 Colors of World War II

Colors of World War II

We've got used to think about the days of WWII in black and white colors and it becomes quite unusual to
see these colorful photos. Unfortunately, colors can't hide the pain and suffer of that period.
Beauty of Sakhalin 2
19 Beauty of Sakhalin

Beauty of Sakhalin

Sakhalin is a truly wonderful part of Russia. It
shows perfect views of seemingly wild nature.
30 Partisans: Heroes’ Faces

Partisans: Heroes’ Faces

Here is a rare collection of old photos of Russian partisans. No doubt, these
people can be called heroes, all of them lived a hard life full of ordeals.
8 Voroshilov Battery on Russky Island

Voroshilov Battery on Russky Island

"Voroshilov battery" - one of the unique fortification structures of the world. It is situated on Russky Island in Vladivostok. There is a similar battery in Sevastopol. During the reformation of  the
Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 1997 the battery, as a military unit, was deactivated, and it became a main exhibit of the Military Historic Museum "Voroshilov Battery".
15 Unusual Russian Office

Unusual Russian Office

If a boss calls himself "a feedback director" and you may read  "Whatever God makes - it's all for
the better" on his business card - his office must be unusual too... And it really is!
12 Air Show In Gostomel

Air Show In Gostomel

In Gostomel (airdrome "Kiev-Antonov") from 30 September to 4 October there was being held the 7th International air show "Aviasvit -XXI". It is an event that lets us see modern
aviation technologies, equipment for airports and airdromes, programs of modernization and armoury. Approximately 300 participants came from more than 30 countries.
Handmade Jewelry 1
12 Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry

Making such jewelry is just a hobby for this guy. Once his wife brought him to a store and showed him a ring
that she wished to have and he promised to make it himself. Real men don't talk to the winds...

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