Vyborg Bathing In The July Sun 2
37 Vyborg Bathing In The Sun of July

Vyborg Bathing In The Sun of July

Vyborg city sprang up around an ancient Russian fortification of the XIII century, but the most period of its history it wasn't a part of Russia. It joined the USSR only in 1944 and
today it remains to be a Russian city that can be seen in its architectural image. However, Vyborg still looks a bit "alien" compared to other cities of the country.
32 Walking on the Territory of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Walking on the Territory of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Today we decided to peep into the territory of the Chernobyl
Nuclear Plant and here's what we could see there ...
22 A Campus That Turned Into a Ghost Town

A Campus That Turned Into a Ghost Town

In Russia one of the best old institutes may
turn into a ghost town like this ...
18 Weird Pictures of a Weird Artist

Weird Pictures of a Weird Artist

The author of these pictures is a weird fan of guns Alexander
Lobanov who finally found himself in a mental hospital...
6 Not a Life But a Complete Nightmare!

Not a Life But a Complete Nightmare!

Life of a woman from Adgarsk more resembles a nightmare! Her neighbours are mostly drug-addicts, alcoholics and rowdies... It seems she's already had a conflict with this
insane policeman and instead of any assistance from his side he prefers to blow cigarette smoke into her apartment where she lives with a pregnant daughter...
14 Cool Cyberpunk PC

Cool Cyberpunk PC

Why does a computer need a casing? Why should a keyboard and a mouse be placed on the desk? Why a front
panel of a system unit should see a user? This "monster" can break all these stereotypes!
25 A Ghost City Stepnogorsk

A Ghost City Stepnogorsk

Ghost-cities are the places abandoned due to various reasons - economic decline, wars, natural or anthropogenic
catastrophies. This city stands in the range of the ghost ones. This is Stepnogorsk and this post is devoted to it.
12 Modest Shopping of the Early 90s

Modest Shopping of the Early 90s

1990-1992 was not a time for luxuries, modest people and
modest shopping. The photos were taken in Kiev, Ukraine.
15 Children And Weapons

Children And Weapons

Education with the weapon. Many children living in provincial Russia if their family doesn't give sufficient attention to their education, get under influence of street, alcohol and become inclined to criminal displays. The system which could help to develop to the child in the harmonious person, in provincial Russia is absent. The unique alternative is offered by the
Russian Cossacks which suit clubs of patriotic education for children. Education in such clubs and camps is based on militaristic idea, military discipline, belief in God and in the companions. Of the child in the childhood try to make the future soldier who would be capable to solve questions of the life in the military ways, in arms.
12 Mirror of the Society?

Mirror of the Society?

An isolation hospital of the Kaliningrad region. The complex of its buildings has survived bombing and the Soviet system. Among the patients are HIV
positive,  consumptives, jaundiced, cirrhosis and intoxication patients... No doubts - Russia has got up off its knees and entered the 21st century!

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