7 “In Vino Veritas!” or How to Make Home-Made Wine

“In Vino Veritas!” or How to Make Home-Made Wine

So, this is how home-made Moldavian wine is made. This wine is of
course not for sale - for you and for your neighbors.
9 1969, Moscow… Feel The Atmosphere…

1969, Moscow… Feel The Atmosphere…

Let's pludge into the atmosphere of Moscow, 1969. It is real nostalgia for all Russian people over 40 and can
be very interesting and funny for those who are under this age and, of course, for foreigners.
6 Such Different Holidays, Such Different People…

Such Different Holidays, Such Different People…

Practically every day there is a special day in Russia, and different people celebrate these dates differently. And even when people do
not celebrate anything, they have their own personal events and experiences, which can sometimes make up nice photographs!
10 An Incredible Piece Of Hi-Tech Art

An Incredible Piece Of Hi-Tech Art

Some incredible though pretty useful piece of art made of old computers - the
whole wall of computers was made by some little known Russian artist.
6 The Kharkov Ballet School

The Kharkov Ballet School

Сity of Kharkov, ballet school where time has stopped and hundred-year old parquet have seen so many children's smiles... Here young girls make their first steps in ballet. For some of them the school becomes a real torture which they wouldn't
ever like to recall, and for others - it's like the second home, a place which will always stay in their hearts. The Kharkov Ballet School had graduated many talented dancers who later managed to make a good career in ballet.
12 What Does The Hermitage Storage Conceal?

What Does The Hermitage Storage Conceal?

Today we are going to visit the tempera painting restoration laboratory and the restoration - depositary center of the Hermitage, in which more
than 1.2 million displays are kept. Here is a quick excursion trough the storage and other restoration workrooms of the Hermitage.
8 Deadly Pipes or Hackworkers vs. Pedestrians

Deadly Pipes or Hackworkers vs. Pedestrians

Works were carried out on October, 8th. The place was not fenced properly: the role of warning protection was played by the two-meter piece of a striped tape lying on the ground. The workers were nonprofessionals, judging by absence in their helmet equipment, "protectors"
on ropes and other trifles providing safety both of them and civilian. It is hard to imagine what will be in winter when such steeplejacks will work on clearing roofs from snow. How many fatal cases will be both among workers, and among pedestrians?
4 The Production of Gypsum in Russia

The Production of Gypsum in Russia

Let's have a look on how gypsum is being mined. If you think that extraction of gypsum is none of your business, you're mistaken. Gypsum is practically everywhere - in building materials, hospitals, jewellery,works of art
and even, as the story goes, in McDonalds' rolls. Actually we cannot assert about the rolls, but the fact is that gypsum is a great hypoallergenic matter. Let's see how this Russian company produces them.
22 One of the Best Restaurants in Moscow

One of the Best Restaurants in Moscow

Artemy Lebedev, a famous Russian web-designer opened his own restaurant. At the moment it is one of the best restaurants of Moscow - here everything is very delicious and of high quality and the prices are quite low for Moscow at the same time. The design of the restaurant is neutral, so to say "an
interior without an interior". Cosy atmosphere and free internet. The place is popular among many people and also has its frequenters. The staff remembers them by names and knows their habits and special preferences. Frequenters also can pay for visiting Artemy's restaurant once a month.
7 St. Petersburg’s Vehicle Diversity

St. Petersburg’s Vehicle Diversity

To say that St. Petersburg is much different from other cities of Russia, is to say nothing. Here all things are not the same as in other parts of our country - people, buildings, streets, traditions and moving around the city also does not make an
exclusion.  There are of lots vehicles in "the Northern Capital of Russia". Besides cars you can see here different bikes, motorbikes, roller skates as well as horses, carriages, ships and boats, limousines and water scooters.

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