17 Helicopter, Anyone?

Helicopter, Anyone?

Where else can it be possible? A Russian helicopter Mi-8 has fallen and
now lying on the height of 4800m and nobody can evacuate it ...
28 Mysterious Finding In the Steppe of Volgograd

Mysterious Finding In the Steppe of Volgograd

You might hear this spring that in Mokraya Olkhovka village of the Volgograd region there were found strange spherical objects and the first
version sounded that they found petrified eggs of a dinosaur! We got a chance to look closer at the interesting finding...
11 Cool Elevator Prank

Cool Elevator Prank

That's a very cool elevator
prank! You may try it yourself!
12 Sausage Production in Russia

Sausage Production in Russia

We like to discuss and imagine a process of making sausage and we often find reasons to laugh at when we discuss it. However, uncooked smoked sausage is the most laborious and often unpredictable product. The complexity of its
production is conditioned by many factors: weather conditions, ambient temperature, ecological situation, etc. Today you have a chance to see how Russian "kolbasa" is produced to shatter the myths you've heard before...
21 “About Russia With Love” – Virtual Photo Exhibition

“About Russia With Love” – Virtual Photo Exhibition

Today we want to present you a small virtual photo
exhibition of landsapes from different corners of Russia.
15 The Highest Lighthouse in Europe?

The Highest Lighthouse in Europe?

Storozhensky lighthouse is situated in the south-east of Lake Ladoga in Storozhno village of the
Leningrad region. It was built in 1906, they say it's the highest lighthouse in Europe - 71 m high.
25 Computer Center of 1980-90s

Computer Center of 1980-90s

Do you remember how computer centers looked
like back in 1980-90s? Let us remind you.
11 Unusual Soviet Snowmobile Equipment

Unusual Soviet Snowmobile Equipment

An idea to adjust transport means to move over snow appeared long ago. First snowmobile was built in Russia in 1904 by an engineer S.S. Nezhdanovsky. It was a light model with an internal-combustion engine equipped with an
aerodynamic propeller. Already in 1907 Y.A. Meller made and tested "a skiing mobile"  and a year later this vehicle was called "a motor sleigh". Igor Sikorsky contributed much to snowmobiles development as well.
13 Moscow of Summer 1941

Moscow of Summer 1941

In July 1941 a press photographer of "Life" magazine, Margaret Bourke-White, came to Moscow. When the war started, photography was under the vigilant surveillance - for unathorized shooting or holding a camera people were put on trial. However Margaret managed to get a permission to take these
shots as the Soviet authorities thought that they would show the USSR in the best advantage in the foreign magazine. Margaret Bourke-White spent two months in Moscow and she was constantly accomponied, however it didn't prevent her from taking truly unique photographs.
7 Heroes of Ajimushkai Stone Quarries

Heroes of Ajimushkai Stone Quarries

May, 1942. During fierce fighting the German army conquers the Kerch peninsula. Troops of the Crimean front have to evacuate to the Taman, but a part of the troops defeating a setback
and crossing of the major forces find themselves cut-off and have to come down under the ground. That is a beginning of 170-days' defence of Ajimushkai Stone Quarries.

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