5 Golden Cars In The Streets Of Moscow

Golden Cars In The Streets Of Moscow

Posted on October 30, 2010 by team

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Golden cars are belting down Moscow roads. And it already surprises nobody – in the world of automobile tuning that is nothing new. For example in one German museum was exhibited a golden Porsche. However in Russia such beautiful golden cars as BMW 5, Audi R8 and Porsche 911 Turbo can be met right in city streets!

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5 Responses to “Golden Cars In The Streets Of Moscow”

  1. Lord Cunt says:

    Wasn’t this posted before?

  2. Marked One says:

    My god they’re horrible.

  3. Amitiel says:

    Nu pogodi !!! I will ram him by my Lada Priora

  4. Testicules says:

    I want a golden Lada

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