5 Looks Like Snow But It’s Not

Looks Like Snow But It’s Not

Posted on October 29, 2010 by team

Today in the morning Ust-Kamchatsk village could observe a strange “snow” that turned out to be ash falling.

Shiveluch volcano and Klyuxhevskaya hill are to blame. Visibility in the village is 5-10 meters now, people are not recommended to leave houses, all kindergartens, schools and enterprises have closed. Transport communication doesn’t work as well, people can hear the news from loudspeaker. The ash falling may last for 10 days more…


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5 Responses to “Looks Like Snow But It’s Not”

  1. GeilGitler says:


  2. GeilGitler says:

    Nicht zuerst :(

  3. Chololo says:

    That ash is very dangerous for lungs

  4. fallout says:

    Just like Mount Saint Helens. The ash will trash any moving mechanical parts, and is hell on livestock too. Better move your cattle.

  5. Bogdanov says:

    Very interesting. Wish there were more pics.

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