10 The VI International Doll Salon In Moscow

The VI International Doll Salon In Moscow

Posted on October 27, 2010 by team

On the 7-10th of October, Moscow held the VI International Doll Salon. Hundreds of different dolls – babies and adults, men and women, real people and fairy-tale characters, celebrities and even presidents – from little to human-sized, were exhibited there.


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10 Responses to “The VI International Doll Salon In Moscow”

  1. Unknown says:

    There’s a few shots that look like they’re real.

    • Bigg Fredd says:

      Such dolls are called “reborns”. Artisans take reasonably real-looking dolls and spend hours making them look real enough to breathe.

      Search “reborn” on ebaY. Expect to pay $200 and up.

  2. xoxo says:

    ok, the life-like ones a creepy. the other ones are pretty awesome.

  3. ara says:

    great but it seems that the show lack male dolls, almost all of em is girls hmmm

  4. Testicules says:

    This is really creepy. These dolls should all be burned

  5. George Johnson says:

    I like the character dolls, and some of the costumes are beautiful. But those “baby dolls” are just creepy!! I can just picture some old lady glomming on to one of those and treating it like it’s real or something…..

  6. Dolores says:

    Where is the first baby doll from?

  7. soccer says:

    Nice dolls, specially the kids dolls are most pretty.
    First and second images are great.

  8. Bigg Fredd says:

    A nearby restaurant has a life-size grandma doll in a chair near the entrance. We watched a woman go over to it, shake “her” hand, and we figured she was just having fun with her friends. Then she talked to it for a few minutes…

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