18 Extreme Russian Show

Extreme Russian Show

Posted on October 27, 2010 by team

Some photos from the Extreme Russian Show. Men of courage, bikes, tricks, all-terrain vehicles, extreme, adrenaline, fails, crashes, achievements, pain, joy – everything was there and is here in the photographs now!


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18 Responses to “Extreme Russian Show”

  1. Otis R. Needleman says:

    These clowns would feel right at home in the USA…pretty dumb stuff…

  2. xoxo says:

    An”Extreme” show ??? The ramp is like 3 feet high! one chick had a flaming grill on her back… is this supposed to be a parody of some sort?

  3. DouglasUrantia says:

    OK you brave quadsters, back to your chicken farms.

  4. Left SR says:

    With a Super Bowl capacity crowd!

  5. Bogdanov says:

    The dude riding a bicycle across junk cars? I did that every weekend as a kid. Never had a cheerleader to make me feel good….(I’m now depressed)…

  6. asteroid no. 444 says:

    Drinking whiskey and milk is more extreme than this exhibition.

  7. Matchlok says:

    Are you sure this wasn’t in West Virginia?

  8. Lawdawg54 says:

    “extreme” only for russians :)

  9. George Johnson says:

    That was extremely…… lame.

  10. Maraudon says:

    Looks like white trash inhabiting Russia as well.

  11. w says:

    They should make it more extreme by introducing some negros to this event.

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