20 The Ingush Republic: Tribal Towers

The Ingush Republic: Tribal Towers

Posted on October 23, 2010 by team


Tribal towers of Ingush are the main sight of the Ingush republic. The towers’ architecture is unique. More often they were built on tops of rocks because they were used not only as defensive or dwelling constructions, but also as alarm towers. The choice of places was also defined on the ground of economy of the fertile earth.


The semibattle dwelling towers – structures intended both for habitation and for defence. Usually they have 3-4 floors, the first was used as a shed, on the second floor a hearth and a bedroom took place, on the third and the fourth there were rooms for visitors and pantries. In the center of an inhabited tower usually there was a rod post made of processed stone – it was holding up the floor beams.

The hearth was the most important and significant place in strengthened dwellings. Here a family cooked food, discussed important questions, ate and had a rest. This place was especially significant and was carefully preserved. Over the hearth people gave oaths, quite often forgave deadly enemies.

Last floor of the towers was quite often used for defense – the walls of the top floor towered above the roof, forming a parapet. It considerably strengthened fighting possibilities of the defenders of the tower which acted from roof.

Battle towers have on the average 5-6 circles (the highest have up to seven), small area of the basis and inclined walls.  The earliest towers were built without cement solution, later sand and limy solution began to be widely used. The towers were usually built of stone, and flagstone fragments.

Clay was also used for the building. As to wooden details firm wood, for example, oak was appreciated. In a tower, structures of floors, doors, locks and portable ladders were wooden.

On the right there is a dwelling tower, on the right – two battle ones.

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20 Responses to “The Ingush Republic: Tribal Towers”

  1. Half-Breed says:


  2. Left SR says:

    “You built your tower strong and tall
    Can’t you see, it’s got to fall someday.” -TVZ

  3. bobbob2008 says:

    Someone should alert the authorities about that there skull in the pic. Could be a violent crime!

  4. blok says:

    it’s my dream to live like that old man

  5. ilaya says:

    i think current land of ingush isnt their land.i think ossentians own most of ingush land.During czar’s n stalin’s purges,this whole nation was shifted.

    • Alan says:

      Ossetian own a little bit ingush land , Magas the capital of Alans, hurrians , celts is still the capital of ingushetia so i don’t know what you’re talking about , and be sure Prigorodny will be cutting back to Ingush , Ossetians are very afraid of Ingush so when Russians troop go awai ossetians will will run away like dogs . So Ossetian will be out of history it has never been in history and it will be soon our land back . And the part of Georgia will be given back too.

  6. ilaya says:

    but i am thankful foe this post.I read lt about ingush towers but these are first photographs i could fnd on web

  7. mukmika says:

    The battle towers are similar to ancient towers in Ireland, except they are round shaped. Maybe the Ingush are part Celtic.

    • Left SR says:

      We’re all related. Yep, even if you wish not.

    • Chris says:

      Maybe the Celts are part Ingush.

    • too much vodka says:

      Do they spend 20 hrs a day in pubs? Do they drink black, semlly beer? Do they end every pub evening with a fight? Do they win every other year the Eurovision Song Contest? Did they emigrate massively to the US? Do the name every second Ingush called Paddy? Did they fight the British? Do they drink whiskey sitting next to someone who just died? No. So the Ingush are definitely not related.

  8. Left SR says:


  9. ara says:

    cute cows;)

  10. alfaspud says:

    “Do they spend 20 hrs a day in pubs?”
    Doesn’t look like there’s many pubs there.

    “Do they drink black, semlly beer?” No they drink clear smelly homemade vodka.
    “Do they end every pub evening with a fight?” As I already said, no pubs there.

    “Do they win every other year the Eurovision Song Contest?” Doubt they even know what the Eurovision Song Contest is.

    “Did they emigrate massively to the US?” Yes, to work in the sex industry or sell drugs/extort money from their own people.

    “Do the name every second Ingush called Paddy?” No, Ivan.

    “Did they fight the British?” They’d fight anyone I’d say.

    “Do they drink whiskey sitting next to someone who just died?” No, but they don’t seem to bury their dead, skulls lying around the place??

    So you’re right, the Ingush are definitely not related.

  11. amir says:

    hey sory for my bat english
    i’m from Ingushetya
    but i dont understand where everywone here talk
    about? i cant understand i post this with a translator do anybody tal Russich or dutch here please ?

  12. Jonas says:

    Ingush are Celts or Gallic people the ingush call themself Galgai and Ingush is russian name for Galgai
    Ingush name is Galgai and Ingush are one the oldest nations. They are related to celts , hurrians and germans there are a big mix but most of all Ingush are related to south Italia

  13. Georgio Armani says:

    Ingush are Hurrians little bit Germans(Sarmatians) and Little bit Skytians(Europian Celts) They all together lived beside each other in caucasus and mixed in language and culture little bit especially Alans(Hurrians)J2 hg wich is the core of aryan haplogroup , with Skythians R2 Hg thats why they have things the same.All the profets including Muhammad pbuh were Hurrian Alans who strongly believed in Allah.Ossetians have nothing to do with Alans , its the propaganda and corrupt theorie & lies in media for public view.Ossetians call ingush everywhere in old historical traces “Mack Alon”.They were trying to hide with aid of Stalin everything about ingush,all traces of Ingush history so that they can prove with lies that Ossetians have always lived there ass Alans.That’s the reason of this propaganda.Read what Benjamin Kaplan wrote abouth Ossetians “Ossetian IranianJew” is the name of the Book and read what Denny baksan wrote about them , even the greatest poem writer Lermontof wrote disgusted things about Osetians , that’s the reason why they destroyed his statues everywhere on ex ingush land wich is given to Ossetians till today.

  14. Georgio Armani says:

    And look also what Israel is doing with Palestinians,same shit! Ossetians are same zionist ass Israelians.

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