20 An Incredible Dream Office

An Incredible Dream Office

Posted on October 23, 2010 by team

The office of the largest Russian-speaking searcher and  the 25th largest site in the world according to alexa.com doesn’t sleep at night. The office works round-the-clock seven days a week. There is no provision for time of coming and leaving of employees – you can work at night if you want, but must do your work well. There is everything here: skateboards and stilts,lamps and padded stools, tons of fruit and thousands of toys, even special rooms for smoking on each floor. The only thing they don’t have – sofas. It is made specially that employees go home at least to sleep.

via ottenki_serogo

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20 Responses to “An Incredible Dream Office”

  1. Half-Breed says:


  2. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Looks like a typical place in Silicon Valley.

  3. Half-Breed says:

    the only reason this is cooler than any of googles offices, is because it is in Russia

    if u dont say 1st, ur not 1nd!

  4. goodfornice says:

    I feel better when i use Yandex instead of Google

  5. rafael ARG says:

    I don’t get it. Is this really trying to show how much better life is in Russia for the workers? lol

  6. SSSR says:

    This is a cool office but it has a 70’s look about it.

  7. w says:

    Poor mans google – need more money

  8. Vladimir Fickdusimir says:

    Not sure if you can really enjoy working in such an environment.

    I personally prefer to work in a room all by myself. And with warm light, and a lot of wood around, not this sterile office atmosphere.

  9. AustriaNOTAustralia says:

    Yeeei, they know about rage-guy :D

  10. George Johnson says:

    Glad to see it…. I HATE google.

  11. DumptruckMotorcade says:

    By the looks of it I’ll bet those offices got stank like a freshman dorm room.

  12. Enthusiast says:

    Yandex street view is AWESOME! Google is spying on you!

  13. zipp says:

    I hate these ‘fun’ google-type offices.

  14. Yahe says:

    Obviously they have money to burn.

  15. scott says:

    Great site, I love the creativity – very cool! Thank you

  16. Olya says:

    Trying too hard to look cool. These pictures made me tired just by looking at them; everything seems like a big unorganized chaos without any logic and structure. Wow, so cool to sit on the table with your legs crossed and have wires and empty bottles everywhere; woohoo!

  17. Joanna says:

    I like it, looks like a nice place to work, I like especially plants, a hint of green make the place look more like a home interior. it’s cosy, it’s messy, there are wood panels on the walls, it IS cool :)

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