15 “Fight for Business” or An Expensive But Amazing Game

“Fight for Business” or An Expensive But Amazing Game

Posted on October 21, 2010 by team

A comic srtikeball game based on the events of accumulation of the initial capital in Russia 90-s – «Mob-2:” Fight for Business”»

There are no special environment requirements but appearance in the manner of “dashing 90-s” is welcomed.

In strikeball the arms look like genuine ones,and are even heavy and iron. Bullets – tiny plastic balls. Well equipped fighter carries on himself about hundred thousand roubles, and the entrance ticket in this hobby begins approximately from 35 thousand.


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15 Responses to ““Fight for Business” or An Expensive But Amazing Game”

  1. vilnius says:

    Looks fun. But what is strange, that a lot of elder people participate there, not youth:)

  2. AustriaNOTAustralia says:

    Some people know how to spend their spare time ^^

  3. Speeder says:

    Play airsoft in russian could be fun :D

  4. Boris Badenov says:

    Looks like fun, get some exercise, nothing wrong with that.

  5. Lord Cunt says:

    Only in Russia can you find someone wearing a cheap tracksuit, slip-on shoes, and carrying an AK-47!

  6. Maraudon says:

    Badass! If they were sent to middle east I bet they would get things done much better then the jokers who keep struggling there right now.

  7. soul says:

    just like you

  8. George Johnson says:

    I like it. Looks like these guys are pretty serious about it.

  9. Ugly American says:

    Paintball is similar but too many people cheat. You shoot them first and if there’s no witness they shoot you back and claim they shot first.

    With electronic devices it can register who actually shot first and turn off the weapon of the ‘dead’ player. They can also keep score so everyone can see who’s good and who’s a walking target.

  10. Testicules says:

    Where do I sign up?

  11. xoxo says:

    as long as they play war it is all good. (men are so amazingly uncomplicated)

  12. russia_bound says:

    Crazy! It looks like air-soft a game of sorts we place in the U.S. I don’t know of things that go that deep into it. I don’t like air-soft but I would play this like crazy. I wish it told you what cities it was in. I would be up for joining a game that’s for sure. Thanks for the upload…

  13. Left SR says:

    Little boys.

  14. David Levy says:

    Paint ball hurts more so it’s better for me.

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