6 Ship Repair In Russia

Ship Repair In Russia

Posted on October 20, 2010 by team

On Gorodetsky ship-repairing factory the work is moving along in high gear.

Lifted on a slip steam-ship “Alexander Benua” looks as a model at an exhibition. The propelling-steering complex is being repaired and ship’s skin is also being replaced. Meanwhile they are dismantling wheels, screws and shafts.

Instead of a simple screw a vaned propulsive agent is mounted here . It is more convenient for navigators for the main reason: such maneuvering device works by button pressing in cabin at once, instead of going off in 10-15 seconds, as in steam-ships of 588 series. Besides, by steam-ships 26-37 it is more powerful.

It is interesting that on first four courts of a series the navigator could regulate the capacity of maneuvering device’s work .

Steam-ship “N.A.Nekrasov” has already visited the slip where its wheels, screws and shafts were dismantled for diagnostics and repair. Now the steam-ship is afloat again  – at a factory wall. After a while the steam-ship will be lifted again on a slip in order to repair the case, and to place everything removed back. By November both steam-ships will return on wintering in the Memory of the Commune of Paris boatyard.

And the new passenger-ship “Sura” is almost ready and even painted. They plan that next year the steam-ship will start to make tourist sails.

Nearby the “Stankovich” steam-ship of 737 series is being restored, but it’s too early to speak about the results now.

“Volgoneft-40″ and “Volgoneft-45″

Some vessels finish their existence here. One of these steam-ships, “Bukhara”, is being knocked down on metal.

Another cargoship “Lavrenty Novozhilov” is ready for cutting.

Soon cargo vessels will touch at this port for wintering.

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  1. Zgembo says:


  2. Testiculese says:

    the new russian navy rises from the depths of this ship yard. strap on some guns and go to it

  3. Boris Badenov says:

    Gentlemen, you are missing the point. On these pages everyday we see despair and decay. Millions of tons of steel wasted because it still belongs to a state which doesn’t seem to know what recycling is. Here we see capitalists making things happen! Men are working, resources are recycled and the people get to go on a boat ride.

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