12 What Does The Hermitage Storage Conceal?

What Does The Hermitage Storage Conceal?

Posted on October 18, 2010 by team

Today we are going to visit the tempera painting restoration laboratory and the restoration – depositary center of the Hermitage, in which more than 1.2 million displays are kept.

Here is a quick excursion trough the storage and other restoration workrooms of the Hermitage.

Under the storage functions a class for blind and visually impaired “The Past on Fingertips”. There they can find out more about archeology, “touch” the past with the help of special models. For example in this picture you can see the model of a real ancient Russian settlement. All details are much  textured, and can say a lot to the sensitive fingers of  the blind.

Here is for example a pair from the Ancient Pskov and two curious bloggers.

Under the restoration-depositary center work many workshops – the most impressing is the metal-restoration shop…

In the centre of a small room stand a big table separated by three partitions – it makes three workplaces for restorers.

Workplace of a metal-restorer.

The restoration of an age-old broadsword.

Not only arms are restored, but also metal frameworks of old books.

Restorer at work.

1The framework removed of the book.

Here is a lot of hi-tech equipment. One of the most interesting is a compact device, which defines exact chemical composition of an alloy.


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12 Responses to “What Does The Hermitage Storage Conceal?”

  1. Gino says:

    Thanks a lot for these pictures!! Nice to see the “good” side of Russia, not always prostitutes and booze and so. Thank you!

  2. Mizz... (A) says:

    Thank´s for the photos!

  3. too much vodka says:

    I once visited one of these restauration ateliers, where a friend of ours was restoring an 11th century wall painting. Impressive to see the Hermitage “behind the scenes”, there is in fact a kind of second museum there, at least as big as what is open for the public.

  4. Matchlok says:

    Thanks for the interesting pictures. Someday I would like to go there.

  5. Ottoman says:

    great job… bravooo…

  6. Testicules says:

    Much better than modern art or graphitti

  7. jeans says:

    fire weapons must have a hard work to be restored

  8. too much vodka says:

    As 4th, you’re just a loooooooooooooooooooser.

  9. Baldraven says:

    Hats off to the restorer’s and those who support this beautiful treasure …….. for the world.!!

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