4 The Production of Gypsum in Russia

The Production of Gypsum in Russia

Posted on October 17, 2010 by team

Let’s have a look on how gypsum is being mined. If you think that extraction of gypsum is none of your business, you’re mistaken. Gypsum is practically everywhere – in building materials, hospitals, jewellery,works of art and even, as the story goes, in McDonalds’ rolls. Actually we cannot assert about the rolls, but the fact is that gypsum is a great hypoallergenic matter. Let’s see how this Russian company produces them.
In this opencast mine they extract gypsum. The development for needs of Povolzhje started in 1897, and the opencast mine itself was formed in 1927. The Gypsum Plant was built in 1932, and since the year 1949 began the excavation.

Both old Soviet mastodon and new cars of foreign make work here. Company management says that the Soviet machinery will be replaced soon by up-to-day foreign one.

Spalls are loaded into 20-ton dump trucks.

Speed limit in here is 60 kmph as in city.

Big pieces are loaded into the stonecrusher.

Then manly drivers carry granular pieces to the plant, where gypsum is chalked into flour and amplified with plasticity additives, colours and stuff like that.

The stonecrasher.


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  1. froggy says:

    Does Gypsum have anything to do with Gypsies that is the real question.

  2. Half-Breed says:


  3. Boritz says:

    I am happy to know that they are employing anti-counterfeiting measures on bags of gypsum product. When I buy gypsums, I want assurances it is genuine.

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