7 One Of The Biggest Talc-Magnesite Deposits In Russia

One Of The Biggest Talc-Magnesite Deposits In Russia

Posted on October 15, 2010 by team

Staraya Linza is the first talc open cast of Shabrovsk Talc Deposit in the Sverdlovskaya region. The Shabrovsk talc-magnesite deposit is considered to be one of the biggest, not only across the whole Ural, but also in Russia. The deposit and the factory are 27 km to the south of Ekatirenburg. Domestic talc production was founded here as far back as in the 19th century and mechanized machinery was first introduced in 1931.

The depth of “Staraya Linza” is about 100 m., width – 250, length – 400. The deposit is dug throw monolith talc mass.

The smooth, stepped walls are the most interesting, due to their likeness with Egyptian pyramids. Steps’ height is about 25 cm, width – about 15 cm.

Talc consists of magnesite, which fuses under the temperature of more than 1600 ͦ C and at the same time is easy to saw, and it is its most important value. Talc is used in production of ceramics, paints, paper, building materials, plastic and perfumery-cosmetic goods.

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