14 Stalin And Moscow Metro

Stalin And Moscow Metro

Posted on October 13, 2010 by team

Everybody knows that the Soviet Metro has been named after Vladimir Lenin, but quite a few symbols of Stalin have been used there over the years; everything about the Metro has to do with the personality cult. In this posting we are going to compare the Metro at the time of opening with the Metro at the moment of Soviet government change.

Belorussian Metro Station – used to have a large Stalin’s profile

Partisanskaya Metro station, there is Stalin’s profile and a quote “Defense of the country is a sacred duty of every person” behind the sculpture

Electrozavoskaya Metro Station


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14 Responses to “Stalin And Moscow Metro”

  1. Baron says:

    first… :|

  2. SovMarxist1924 says:

    See, this is why Stalin wasn’t a Marxist or Communist. There is no cult of personality in Marxism; there is no nationalism in Marxism; there is no terrorism (1937) in Marxism.

    • Jim-Bob says:

      I will give you that. He was a Bolshevik at first, but he descended into being just a common tyrant concerned more with his own power than the collective good of the people. Then again, any time you concentrate that much power in a single entity, be it a government or a business, the result is always the same: Tyranny of the few or one over the many. Any system without openness is therefore doomed to eventual failure. For only in openness can tyranny have a chance of being avoided. However, openness is a concept that was foreign to all but two Soviet leaders. One was deposed and the other led to the disintegration of the whole thing because the whole thing had been a lie all along.

    • Testiculese says:

      The major flaw in Marxism and Communism is you can’t change human nature. Those systems have no checks and balances that prevent a tyrant. You have to brainwash every bit of individualism and competition out of humans to accomplish the ultimate result.

      Then we’re no better than ants or honey bees.

    • too much vodka says:

      Yeah, and Hitler wasn’t a

  3. Moscowguy24 says:

    i love moscow metro… miss all the gr8 stations…

  4. too much vodka says:

    Yeah, and Hitler wasn’t a nazi either. It’s a little bit cheap the tendency of self proclaimed marxists to cherry pick their past. Just grow up and face the facts: even if Stalin wasn’t a marxist – which is a very doubtful statement – it was a by Marx inspired political system that created him. Every marxist has to be aware to what the ideas of Marx possibly can lead.

  5. lex says:

    Marxism, communism, socialism, nazism (national socialism), progressivism, whatever… All of them share liberal/leftist roots. You have to be either dumb or evil to think these failed ideologies are any good.

    • Leo says:

      Lex, your information is bad. If you want to reduce things at the absurd, you might as well look at the origin of the terms leftist and rightist:

      rightist = pro-monarchist
      leftist = pro-democracy, pro-republic

      That’s not quite what they mean these days, but your definitions are even more reductionist and mis-representative. Someone’s been filling your ears with misinformation. You can’t just redefine “leftist” as anything you don’t like.

  6. lex says:

    I am sorry Leo, but you are the one being confused here. The term ‘leftist’ was coined during the French revolution, and has been applied to a number of movements, especially socialism, anarchism, and communism. Everyone knows what a leftist is. I like the urbandictionary definition:
    1)a lazy, self serving, communistic, marxist, anti-christian, islamist loving weasel

  7. SSSR says:

    The elegance of Joseph Stalin.

  8. i love moscow and kremlin with metro!

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