37 Vyborg Bathing In The Sun of July

Vyborg Bathing In The Sun of July

Posted on October 12, 2010 by team

Vyborg Bathing In The July Sun 2

Vyborg city sprang up around an ancient Russian fortification of the XIII century, but the most period of its history it wasn’t a part of Russia. It joined the USSR only in 1944 and today it remains to be a Russian city that can be seen in its architectural image. However, Vyborg still looks a bit “alien” compared to other cities of the country.

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37 Responses to “Vyborg Bathing In The Sun of July”

  1. Testicules says:

    1st to say nice statue of liberty

  2. Prince says:

    Second, pretty calm and peaceful city.
    Dont know why they decided to join Russia, only to bring hooligans from Moscow.

  3. Exquisite says:

    What a lovely Finnish city you have there.

  4. Janne says:

    “joined” It is Finnish city.

  5. prince says:

    Well, the title is pretty misleading and explanation as well.
    This was a Finnish City and it has been taken by Red Army twice and evacuated twice and all the Finnish peoples been sent back to Finland.
    This was part of Red Army terrorism which they still continue to do in other parts of Caucus only difference is now they don’t wear Red.

    This city would be much more beautiful if its remain in Finland.

    • eger_666 says:

      >> This city would be much more beautiful if its remain in Finland.

    • Barbar says:

      Viborg belongs to Russia since 1710. He was “finnish” only 23 years between 1917 and 1940.

      The Finland would be much more beautiful if its remain in Sweden.

      • luciano says:

        jeah, and before 1710 it belonged to Sweden and before that…
        Viipuri was allways finnish city untill red army captured it and deported survivors to Finland.
        Same-way russians teach in school history that the Estonia is ancent russian land as theys history starts from Peter the Great. And they never tell storis about roots of Rjurik and the real story of beginning of rus.
        No need to teach history here if your knowledge is from wiki.

        • Barbar says:

          There are probably one gazillion cockroaches live in Viborg. They all lived there for thousands and thousands years. That’s why Viborg is cockroache’s city.

    • cool climate says:

      Vyborg is still beautiful,well preserved town,plenty of old houses such a botanical town with lanes and alleys.which is possible only because,the town is under Russian legislation and belongs to Russian town.here in Finland all old houses,old part´s of towns demolish,ruins with method.only major svedish towns shown respect for old cultural,historical architecture here in Finland.like Porvoo,Pietarsaari,rauma.just list a few.generally finnish “towns” are horrible,these days.

  6. bf says:

    nice city but wont be there after few years.

  7. OLUT says:

    I still call it Viipuri. One day hopefully, so will the rest of the world… legally.

  8. lex says:

    The communists did not get a chance to completely destroy it, like they did everything else.

  9. Unknown says:

    I have never seen a more beautiful city. I would love to visit. And I LOVE the aerial shots.

  10. Steamed McQueen says:

    I always did like Vyborg. The buses from St. Petersburg would always make a stop on the way to Finland so people could stock up on cigarettes and booze.

    Nice to see that they are finally restoring the castle and train station.

  11. Johannes says:

    Finnish city? I guess you should not have lost the war then. Same for goes for Konigsberg and East Prussia. Don’t be feeling all butt hurt now? May be you should have fought better, better yet, may be you should have been smarter and stayed out of the fight between Germany and Russia altogether.

  12. russia_bound says:

    Cool pictures. I would like to see the city first hand. Very neat buildings and statues. Thanks for the upload…

  13. russia_bound says:

    Very cool pictures. I would like to see the city first hand. Cool buildings and statues. Thanks for the upload…

  14. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Lenin gazing into the future.

  15. JSW says:

    OK I have seen it all now- While I support Russia in the conflict with modern neo-paganism, and have great respect for the Orthodox church, this takes the cake- this is Finnish territory- and you know it- that is why you call it “different”- admit it- the Finns kicked your [email protected]@, given the disparity of the forces in the Great Winter War and the Continuation War!

    • Rattata says:

      In some key battles yes but casualty figures have never really been on Russia’s side in any conflict. If it wasn’t for the need to beat the UK/US to Berlin then Finland would be Russian now.
      Mannerheim secured Finland’s destruction and it was only blind luck that 1. the battle for Berlin happened a lot sooner than was expected and 2. Russian radio transmission regulations were sometimes followed pretty liberally.

  16. mad1982 says:

    awesome city

  17. too much vodka says:

    OK, let’s try to get the facts straight: 1293: Vyborg Castle built by the Swedish; 1323: the treaty of Nöteborg between Novgorod and Sweden stipulates that Vyborg is a part of Sweden; 1721: after the Great Nordic war Vyborg becomes part of Russia; 1808: after conquering Finland, Russia makes Vyborg part of the Grand Duchy of Finland – so, since that moment, even if Finland is dominated by Russia, Vyborg is technically no longer a Russian city; 1917: Finland becomes independent, and Vyborg is a part of the new independent Finnish republic; 1940: after Finland and the USSR fought the Winter War (USSR attacking Finland without any legal reason), Vyborg is handed over to the Soviets; 1941, Vyborg is reconquered by the Finnish army, 1944, Vyborg is reconquered by the Soviet army and becomes part of the USSR, all Finnish people are deported; 1991: Vyborg becomes part of the newly independent Russian republic.

    It is by the way a lovely, rather small city (about 80,000 inhabitants), although not all streets and buildings are in good shape, it certainly deserves a visit: beuatiful castle from where you have an incredible view over the port and the city surroundings, a beautiful library designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, a lot of Jugendstil houses in that typical Finnish style which you’ll find in villa’s all along the coastal road to St Petersburg (well, for what is still left of those houses). And it is very reachable from St Petersburg, by train or bus.

    • Rattata says:

      Conquered Finland? Finland didn’t even exist as an independent region let alone a nation until after the Russians defeated the Swedish empire. Until that moment Viipuri was a Swedish city. From that moment it was a Russian city within an autonomous region of Russia, but still a Russian city. It was only after Finnish independence when Finland was “born” as it were that it became Finnish.

      It’s a nice town, nothing special in terms of Nordic towns, but still a nice place. Sadly now it’s a bit messed up after the Soviets won it, but that’s how it went for Soviet conquests. Dunno about it under Russian rule though, looks like it is improving.

      • too much vodka says:

        Yes, they conquered the principality of Finland which until then belonged to Sweden – in short, they conquered Finland. If you really want to stick to the specific details, then note that Finaldn was nat some autonomous region of Russia, it was not even a part of Russia, but in fact a distinct country with it’s own constitution and government – forming, unlike the rest of the Russian empire a constitutional monarchy, which was governed under a personal Union by the Russian czar. So, politically and certainly culturally, it was never a Russian city before 1940, although it belonged to the Russian empire.

  18. PRN says:

    Very beautiful non-Russian city Vyborg/Viipuri

  19. egar_666 says:

    Great Russian city!

  20. Yes says:

    Yeah, “Russian” ruined by Russians :)

  21. Fenix says:

    My uncle speaks very fondly of Viborg and it’s Swedish history. Would be interesting to visit..

  22. Jussi says:

    “it joined the USSR only in 1944″

    oh i didint know that occupying a city by force and driving all the original citizens out is the same as peacefully joining the ussr, guess i know better now

  23. CZenda says:

    V**i_i**p__ur__i* was obviously spared the sad destiny of K_o**e__n***ig*s______berg.

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