6 Not a Life But a Complete Nightmare!

Not a Life But a Complete Nightmare!

Posted on October 11, 2010 by team

Life of a woman from Adgarsk more resembles a nightmare! Her neighbours are mostly drug-addicts, alcoholics and rowdies…

It seems she’s already had a conflict with this insane policeman and instead of any assistance from his side he prefers to blow cigarette smoke into her apartment where she lives with a pregnant daughter…

This neighbour is waiting for her to come out with a knife …

A drunk neighbour is knocking on her door with a hammer after she called the police because he and his drinking companions were smoking, boozing and vomited at her door…

The drug-addicts ALWAYS use a refuse chute as a toilet …

Teenagers want to meet her and her pregnant daughter with bats, they always break her keyholes and spit on her door because she once told them not to smoke on the storey…

via artpirat

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6 Responses to “Not a Life But a Complete Nightmare!”

  1. Cadillac says:

    where’s the pics????! can’t see em

  2. NAS says:

    You from the hood, I hope you got yourself a gun.

  3. felix says:

    wtf this is completly crazy. i would prefer a gas gun to walk down those stairs

  4. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Fascist punks.

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