15 Children And Weapons

Children And Weapons

Posted on October 10, 2010 by team

Education with the weapon. Many children living in provincial Russia if their family doesn't give sufficient attention to their education, get under influence of street, alcohol and become inclined to criminal displays. The system which could help to develop to the child in the harmonious person, in provincial Russia is absent. The unique alternative is offered by the Russian Cossacks which suit clubs of patriotic education for children. Education in such clubs and camps is based on militaristic idea, military discipline, belief in God and in the companions. Of the child in the childhood try to make the future soldier who would be capable to solve questions of the life in the military ways, in arms.

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15 Responses to “Children And Weapons”

  1. Boritz says:

    So, is this camp of boys playing as men, or men playing as boys??

  2. Andrés says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that these camps existed in Russia. Those boys do not look very happy.

  3. SovMarxist1924 says:

    God and guns. Okay. I’ll take Marxism and peace.

  4. GHIY says:

    I think Louis Theoroux would enjoy there. I remember one of his episodes about some communities like this from Idaho. Only cossacks have much longer “tradition”.

    • cockatrice says:

      Heh, Sand Point (looneyville) Idaho. Where all the Christian Identity/White Supremacists go to have Gun Laden wet dreams, staving off the Brown Wave and waiting for Armageddon.

  5. Macsen says:

    Children, god and guns – the ingredients for future mass murderers.
    Brainwashing children to believe in the imposable (the supernatural) makes it easier to get them to do the abominable.

  6. russia_bound says:

    Its sad to see kids subjected to that kind of “training” learning stuff like that is for adults.! Thanks for the upload…

  7. SOC says:

    Pretty pathetic to see that “gun” loving like this appears to be pushed onto these kids.
    Nut jobs like this all over the world shouldnt be allowed to breed

    • Chris says:

      The fact that there are people like you out there who would forbid others to “breed” proves the need to be armed to take out you and your ilk.

  8. Irene Recar says:

    I really liked reading this post. Good job man!

  9. Testiculese says:

    They included every white trash stereotype except a double wide.

  10. Ugly American says:

    How many kids that grew up playing like this were sent to Afghanistan?

    Yes, you should be ready & able to defend yourself and your family but most wars are for the benefit of powerful old men that don’t care about you or your family.

  11. Azazel says:

    Nie mieszajcie tym dzieciakom w głowach.Wojna się skończyła nawet Rambo to zauważył.

  12. David Levy says:

    Where the he’ll was this program when I was a kid. Very cool !

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