6 Fascinating Gathering of Cranberries

Fascinating Gathering of Cranberries

Posted on October 9, 2010 by team

We bet you’ve never imagined how beautiful cranberries gathering might be!


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  1. perristalsis says:

    Just curious- the article made me look up U.S. production: Wisconsin has a yield of about 4.35 million barrels of the fruit this year, making it #1 in the country(60% of the crop) followed by Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.

  2. kfc says:

    P I Z D Y U K ! ! !

  3. parabellum says:

    This same berry is a favorite of Hollywood!

  4. russia_bound says:

    They do this the same way in the U.S. still its pretty cool how they do this harvest. thanks for the picture uploads…

  5. Carloz says:

    I wander when those gus want to pee do they go to the shore ?

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