30 Children That Have to Be Grown-Ups

Children That Have to Be Grown-Ups

Posted on October 9, 2010 by team

The whole generation of Chechen children haven’t had childhood. They hid in the basements, learnt to survive in the war time from the cradle. They don’t know kindness and human love. The war is over, houses have been repaired and schools have opened and these children are eager to study. Even first graders remember how they huddled together in the houses without walls and roofs over their heads…

Boarding school in Grozny. Their parents died.

They lived in the streets and were afraid of people.

Now they have clothes, warm beds, many books. They aren’t afraid of any person any longer.


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30 Responses to “Children That Have to Be Grown-Ups”

  1. Dantesco says:

    First! ahahha

  2. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Well, most wars would be eliminated if nationalism and religion were eliminated. As long as tribalistic ideologies exist, war is inevitable.

  3. Lolo says:

    ‘Boarding school in Grozny. Their parents died.’
    Killed by Russians?

  4. George Johnson says:

    You kids are very resilient, they’ll be fine mostly. Children have the ability to absorb a great amount of damage, and stull come out on top.

    Cool crafts for kids that young.

  5. kbr says:

    children… the first victims of any war… but the smaller ones they smile, older ones they do not. At least they know what being a child means.

  6. fio says:

    sad but those children are lost forever.hope chechenya produces enough oil for next 100 yrs

  7. ara says:

    hmm looks like future architect,sculptor or soldier. hope things turns good for them.

  8. zirurg says:

    I’ve worked with chechen children this summer.
    Children under 10-11 have no nationality. They don’t even understand what it means to be Russian or Chechen. They are just kids. Nice kids, although many of them don’t understand Russian language (I don’t know, how they study at school – may be they don’t go to school).
    Children over 12 clearly understand that they are Chechens and we are Russians. They dislike us. May be even hate us. Of course this all is a fault of grown-ups.

    • chololo says:

      And how are things right now in Chechenya? Is the ghost of war still glooming around? or are things more calmed down?

      • zirurg says:

        One more interesting thing, i’ve noticed. As I already said I had worked alot with Chechen children, and almost everyone of them had T-shirt or baseball-cap with sign “Russia” on it.

      • Babysitter says:

        I was there a year ago. Things are calm, but region is still quite depressive. There are no industry and tourism was ruined by wars. Over 90% budget are straight federal dotations and real development is very slow.
        But people are optimistic about their future and are very welcome to guests. They are really tired of war and fanatics.

    • Chris says:

      I hope you’re differentiating between ethnicity and nationality, because there are definitely ethnic Chechen babies and ethnic Russian babies.

    • cisko says:

      Foq, you can’t blame a child who has been fed seeds of hate. You can’t assume that a kid who’s born into a war torn nation will automatically know what hate and war is. You and your father went in to do a good deed, hopefully that shows them that not all Russian’s are bad. A student learns by watching their teacher.

  9. Lord Cunt says:

    Those models look great!

  10. MadYank says:

    I have an extra bedroom for one anytime, my son is off to college and won’t mind having a little brother.

  11. René De Beaumarchais says:

    Good to know that there is still a glimpse of humanity in that war-torn region.

  12. Ari The Finn says:

    Upon seeing thos pics make’s me really hope for the best for those kids.

  13. Jade Norman says:

    Comming from Canada a place that never knew war terror and child soldiers… Its sad to see that children like that saw their parents, loved ones die…my heart goes out to them and now time to end was to all wars….

  14. Aziz says:

    Some traditions, like segregation, are archaic and discriminatory, and need to be abolished.

  15. Elle Tesla says:

    I have two daughters adopted from Russia. They are ALL vitums of bad governments and war. None of these children chose to be born into their situations and they all deserve better.

  16. Ugly American says:

    Little kids are indoctrinated with religion and nationalism so they can be used by powerful old men to make war against other powerful old men.

    Does anybody in Russia honestly think Putin cares about them?

    Does anybody in the US honestly think Bush Jr cares about them?

  17. Stan says:

    Most of these kids look like ethnic Russians and not ethnic Chechens… or am I missing something?

    I thought Chechens had dark skin like arabs.

  18. mladko says:

    to end them we must take out the children. it is necessary

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