12 Bunker-42 in Taganka

Bunker-42 in Taganka

Posted on October 9, 2010 by team

The Cold War Museum (exhibition complex Bunker-42) is a military historical museum and an entertaining complex founded in the former classified military object of the USSR – Alternate Command Center of Long-Range Aviation (GO-42). The territory of the museum represents an underground bunker with an area 7000 m2 located 60 m deep near Taganskaya metro station. The museum has been working since 2006 after Bunker-42 was bought from “Rosimuschestvo” at the auction by “Novik Service” company.

Construction of the object began in 1951 due to the threat of the nuclear war in the USA. For the construction there was used the same equipment as for the construction of the metro. The tunnels of the complex are connected with the Moscow metro.

In 1956 the object was transferred to the Ministry of Defence. It was functioning as a reserve command center of the Long-range aviation headquarters.

In the 1960s the object was equipped with everything necessary in the case of nuclear attack. Later, in the middle of the 70s, there was made up a decision about its reconstruction. In 1995 the object was totally declassified. In 2006 “Novik-Service” purchased the object for 2,166,700 USD and started its restoration. Only massive armoured doors and steel sheathing of the walls remind about the former classified object.


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12 Responses to “Bunker-42 in Taganka”

  1. ZeroDrop says:

    They made it all because of the threat of a nuclear attack.
    USA must have similar constructions too.
    I would love speand a day exploring it.

  2. Boritz says:

    It costs something like 25 Euros to enter this place. I think I would be disappointed.

  3. Austrian says:

    Pics, Vids, Wiki-Link and interesting topic, kool post!

  4. Macsen says:

    Most of Canada’s cold war bunkers that aren’t on active bases have been destroyed. One bunker that was on a former base in Penhold, Alberta (south of the city of Red Deer, Alberta), was put up for sale and the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang tried to buy it for a club house. The government prevented the sale. I’ve heard of the bikers trying to buy other bunkers, but I don’t think they’ve succeeded.

  5. captn says:

    Greenbrier West Virginia is (one of) the US’ equivalent(s)–fairly close to DC and tucked into the mountains. Opened to the public in the 90s(?), it was supposedly secret in the 60s and later; but, it was common knowledge in the 50s when it was being built! Its cover was a very luxurious hotel and country club.


    • SSSR says:

      And the big room where public events and exibits were held is the same top secret room that would have been for the USA congress during a nuclear attack.Hide it in plain site!

  6. goodtimes says:

    Just wondering if crazyorea is still one of Russia’s favorite stepchildren? Just thinking how much better the world would be now if not for hationalism and blind faith.

  7. russia_bound says:

    Very cool pictures. I would like to go through the museum to see it for myself. Things like this are always cool. Thanks for the pictures…

  8. Testiculese says:

    It never would have survived the American attacks. If the nukes didn’t work the next attack would have been suicide gophers.

  9. Frank says:

    They should use the long passages for bowling alleys and shooting ranges. But then Russia does not trust its citizens with guns does it?

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