15 Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University

Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University

Posted on October 7, 2010 by team

Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University 1

Basement of the Moscow State University building – some people suppose it’s the place from where one can enter the secret “Metro 2″, others believe it to be a perfect place for a test rats farm…

Of course for ordinary curious students access to the basement is denied. But if you know where to go, what doors to break, what cam to smile at and where to hide from the security with hungry dogs, you may confidently start out.

Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University 2

And you certainly won’t be the first here …

Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University 3

The best ones may be found on this wall of fame.


15 Responses to “Secrets Hidden Under The Moscow State University”

  1. Dixieland says:

    Hello friends. So what was this place really used for?

  2. ZeroDrop says:

    I would love to take a tour on that place… With no time limit, of course!

  3. Testicules says:

    Like every abandoned place in Russia. It is used for breeding rats and storing junk. Please someone hire a cleaning service.

    Resurrect Fred Sandford!

  4. John says:

    the ground on which the uni was built was too weak to hold such a heavy structure so they put some cryo-chemicals into it and installed those refrigerators to keep the ground frozen and firm. and since the enemy would only have to disable the refrigerators to destroy the whole building and those around it, this place was sealed off and only the KGB had access.

  5. Freddy Freire says:


    Russians always waste a great amount of resources…
    It’s a shame.

    I love Russia, but I can´t understand that attitude.

    I’m sorry.

  6. M.E. says:

    kind of reminds me with game “Stalin Subway”

  7. Vladimir Strouff says:

    Russia feels like “Fallout 2″ game.

  8. me says:

    this is certainly not an Enigma. Maybe some kind of other encryption system…

  9. Julian Calaby says:

    It’s not an enigma machine, it’s a teletype! Probably some Russian equivalent to the Model 20.

  10. Victor Serge says:

    So sad that all that useful equipment goes to waste. Capitalism is truly an irrational system.

  11. dribbles says:

    This kind of this really fascinates me. Any kind of this abandoned stuff is awesome, would like to take a tour one day.

  12. DougW says:

    Fallout shelter. Gas tight doors, washing rooms, air handlers/pumps and filters. Plus enough electronics to keep the engineering students from going mad. :)

  13. russia_bound says:

    What a shame to see so much stuff just left to rot. I would like to see this supposed metro 2… Thanks for the upload…

  14. ninja says:

    Look scary now but this building has seen many good days!

  15. Papa Karlo says:

    This is nothing compared to falling apart US cities like Detroit or Baltimore. In Detroit, instead of 1950s rooms with rusty Soviet equipment, there are rotting and falling apart beautiful palaces, full of precious books and things like expensive grand pianos… But either way, it’s a sign of our dying civilization, whether in Russia or US.

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