31 Colors of World War II

Colors of World War II

Posted on October 7, 2010 by team

Colors of World War II 1

We’ve got used to think about the days of WWII in black and white colors and it becomes quite unusual to see these colorful photos. Unfortunately, colors can’t hide the pain and suffer of that period.

Colors of World War II 2Colors of World War II 3Colors of World War II 4Colors of World War II 5Colors of World War II 6Colors of World War II 7Colors of World War II 8Colors of World War II 9Colors of World War II 10Colors of World War II 11Colors of World War II 12


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31 Responses to “Colors of World War II”

  1. Boris Badenov says:

    First baby…

  2. ara says:

    nice pics

  3. Den says:

    All the photos is about damn nazis :(

  4. perristalsis says:

    Love those kraut uniforms; it’s all about lookin’ good while kicking ass- until the snow comes…

  5. Testicules says:

    The Nazis have been interesting since they’re inception. The still have followers and their symbols still get powerful reactions.

  6. George Johnson says:

    Some nasty times. Did you notice the gys arm laying there on the ground?

    • perristalsis says:

      Heinz was no longer fit for front line duty, so the High Command reassigned him to a recruitment battalion where he would try and appeal to the young teenage boys’ patriotism, but when he said “the Wehrmacht made me the man I am today” he was always mystified by the laughter as the children looked at his empty sleeve.

  7. wing says:

    Those are not Nazis, those are Germans. Or were all the Soviet soldiers mass-murderer, women-raper beasts?

  8. Oleks says:

    This is history, nazis were part of it. Great pictures!

  9. Vladimir Strouff says:

    We almost never see this side of the war, and It’s really interesting. I wish we could see more movies about german and soviet fights on WWII since they lived really different lifes back then. Only in a few movies one can see how terrible it was in Stalingrag, for example.

  10. CZenda says:

    Somebody used old B/W photos, some of which are notoriously known as a coloring book and played with a Photoshop. Some of the colors are completely made-up. Yaw.

    • Wraith says:

      No. I have copies of many of these photographs in reference books. The colors are genuine.

      You have to remember in the 1940s color film was rare and expensive, and the chemical formulations were still being developed. Most color photography was used for special events or propaganda, which is why most of the photos appear staged.

      Modern color film was invented in 1935, but wasn’t really popular until the 1970s. Until then black-and-white was more common, but color photos were gaining popularity from the 1960s onwards, especially for portraits and holiday photos. By the mid 1970s, color photography was considered normal and black-and-white photography was the realm of journalists and artists.

  11. ent says:

    For those who thinks these photos are bad, because there are nazis. Actually there two reasons why there are nazis: Soviets in WWII not only killed own citizens, they fought nazis too, second: in that times there was two companies who possesed colour picture films: American Eastman-kodak and german AGFA. In soviet union noone mass produced it, specifically in war time, when economy basically was alligned only for war. It’s east front and WWII what do you wan’t more? Soviet army?

  12. karl says:

    In contrast to the obvious remarks. These photos are very quite historic. For they portray a time of life and death in real. For these warriors rather they be Soviet or of our long past soldaten. They men and woman, fought for that of which was to them to do so. For in this respect, they had not any decision.

    It is to us, as the generation to make good for what they had not to do so.

    We must honour the dead, for they died for so we may live.


  13. Critter says:

    They are not photoshopped. They are almost 70 years old, that’s probably and obviously why some colors don’t look right.

    Yep, look for the arm in #13.

  14. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Smash fascism!

    • too much vodka says:

      Wasn’t that your grandfather in picture nr. 4? Difference between nazi’s and bolsheviks is often difficult to see.

  15. istorik says:

    Interesting pictures. Would be even more interesting with some info on what/who is on tne photo, when/where was it taken – than it would be information and not just pictures of the WWII.

  16. Faitteri says:

    I’m pretty sure that fifth photo has Finnish soldiers in it. You can tell it from the uniforms. Tho’ i dont know what those symbols are in theirs helmets.

    • CZenda says:

      Yeah, they are Finns. The photo comes from “Signal” magazine and it is one of the photos most commonly used to illustrate the conflict between F_i*n_l**a)nd and U*S*S)R.

  17. russia_bound says:

    Pictures that open a window to a time when the entire world was scared. Thank you very much for the pictures they are simply amazing…

  18. zirurg says:

    why the tag is “russian army”?

  19. hau says:

    It would have been great if germans would have won…

  20. Pete-you-wanna-meet says:

    If the Gremans did not attack their allay to the east whole Europe would speak german and russian today.

  21. buy jeans says:

    that’s are amazing photos, please post more!!!!

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