30 Partisans: Heroes’ Faces

Partisans: Heroes’ Faces

Posted on October 6, 2010 by team

Here is a rare collection of old photos of Russian partisans. No doubt, these people can be called heroes, all of them lived a hard life full of ordeals.

Partisans – father and son. 1943.

Partisans of Bryanschina. 1943

Forming before going to an enemy’s camp. 1943

Those who distinguished themselves in action. 1943

Partisan commanding officer. 1943

Partisan patrol. 1943

Partisan attack. 1943

An old partisan. 1943

Short rest. 1943

Marshing Leningrad partisans. 1943

Parting with a son. 1943

Partisans. Grandfather and grandson. 1943


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30 Responses to “Partisans: Heroes’ Faces”

  1. NNN says:

    Real heroes…

  2. Testicules says:

    Pretty primitive. Children as fighters. I wonder how many lives were wsted because Stalin gutted the Russian military of leadership.

  3. Bezdomny says:

    very tragic… what horrible times, and what brave people.

  4. snaut says:

    Good pictures.

    Regards from vienna.

  5. Jan says:

    My grandfather fought at the age of 8 against the British in South Africa. It is too young to go to war…

  6. Peugot says:

    I wonder how many German women they raped.

  7. Roach says:

    These people were heroes. From America, I salute these “geroi.”

    If I may add, the Polish Home Army were heroes too, as were the French and Yugoslav (Chetnik) Resistance. The Nazis were brutal beyond belief and violated every rule of Christianity and civilization. The average soldier may not have been equally guilty as another or the volunteer SS, but their regime’s aims, their conduct, and their death toll speak for themselves.

    In any case, those were terrible times.

  8. Americana says:

    Thanks to the US of A the people of Russia were freed from nazism, and later, communism. We mustn’t forget that communism was even worse than nazism.

    • Rob Quale says:

      Actually the Russians would have lost if it wasn’t for the huge material aid the US gave them. And the Americans were fighting on two fronts: Italia and France. The US were the ones who opened up the front for the Russians. Without the US the Russians would have lost the war to the nazis. As much as the US hated the communists they hated the nazis even more.

      • Yurka says:

        lol western front, 50 German divisions vs 350 on the eastern front, the only reason Americans invaded France and Italy was to stop Russians taking over the whole of Europe

      • Jon Burrows says:

        Of course Soviet benefited from the material aid from USA and GB, but there can be absolutely no doubt that the nazis lost the war at the eastern front. Most people in the west don’t realize this, because they only know the war from dodgy american documentaries on Discovery and from films like Saving Private Ryan.

    • SovMarxist1924 says:

      Thanks to the USA the world is polluted with evangelical, fundamentalist religion, junk food, pop culture garbage, pornography, and anti-intellectualistic ideology.

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Folks, no need to fight over who won WWII. All the Allies fought. Plenty died fighting the Nazis. It was a team effort, and it took all of us to beat the Nazis.

  10. loogiline says:

    Probably not criminals, definitely brave, probably heros, but still sent to GULAG just in case.

  11. Kolya says:

    These “war heroes” war criminals whatever You say. They were the people who committed atrocities behind enemy lines. Such as cowardly murdering civilians, especially women and children. So much for the heroes.

  12. Snag from Australia says:

    English Russia should link to the moving wartime ‘story’ below.
    Note the tears of the audience members and understand that the pain is still there, over half a century and several generations later.

  13. ettttt says:

    These are not heroes. These are not maniacs. They are victims of two great disasters in world history WWII and Stalin rule. Still they dodged Hitler. Bad for them disaster came in the same time. P.S. I see consequences even now, this discussion is a proof.

  14. MadYank says:

    A.F. Fyodorov, pictured above, was a Ukrainian who fought against the Nazi occupation and received many honors from Stalin. Not sure about the others.

  15. russia_bound says:

    A window into another time and another place. Very cool set of pictures. Thanks for the upload…

  16. CZenda says:

    Kovpak´s memoires are beyond absurd – Wild Bill Hickok in red :-)

  17. rus93 says:

    If fascists have won Moscow, Americans would adjoin Hitler. Yes, undoubtedly Americans have brought any contribution. It was in their interests. Hitler wanted to win the whole world, including and America. So they have helped us of that the bums wanted to rescue!

  18. Michael says:

    True heroes …recognised by an Irishman – as imperialist aggressors, now much like the Nazis before them, Yanks will never understand

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