12 Sausage Production in Russia

Sausage Production in Russia

Posted on October 5, 2010 by team


We like to discuss and imagine a process of making sausage and we often find reasons to laugh at when we discuss it.

However, uncooked smoked sausage is the most laborious and often unpredictable product. The complexity of its production is conditioned by many factors: weather conditions, ambient temperature, ecological situation, etc.

Today you have a chance to see how Russian “kolbasa” is produced to shatter the myths you’ve heard before…

Raw products should always be of high-quality and satisfy the basic requirements: only meat of adult animals older than 3-5 years is used; only back fat of special breed of pigs can be a primary product; spices should be dry and sterilized; salt – only heat-evaporated of highest grade etc.

Cutters should always be very sharp and have a special shape. The material they are made of is important too.


Climatic chamber serves to dry and smoke the product.


The next steps – dissection, trimming, sorting according to types of sausage and  fat preparation.


Freezing temperature is -68F


Chopping of the frozen meat. This giant meat chopper is produced by a leading German manufacturer “Seydelmann” 1843. 


Chopper ofthe frozen meat “MAGURIT”



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  1. Alex98682 says:

    Rats is also meat :)

  2. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Time to become a vegetarian Marxist.

  3. w says:

    sausage fest

  4. Pete says:

    salmonella here we come!!

  5. russia_bound says:

    Cool pictures, kinda don’t want to eat any sausage in the near future though…wait I love sausage never-mind. So I have always wondered what it looked like in that kind of factory now I know. Thanks for the picture upload…

  6. Testicules says:

    Where are the worms?

  7. germanmachines says:

    Wir Deutschen machen halt die besten Maschinen! Nicht umsonst sind wir: Exportweltmeister!

  8. forehead says:

    oink oink!

  9. labra says:

    it’s a lie. there is no meat at all, and usualy they don’t use gloves

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