17 Open-Air Museum: Breaking the Leningrad Blockade

Open-Air Museum: Breaking the Leningrad Blockade

Posted on October 2, 2010 by team


This open-air museum includes a big variety of complexes and memorials that are rather interesting. Here you may see the photos of a museum “Diorama of breaking the blockade” and a memorial “Sinyavino Heights” presenting only a small part of the whole museum.

“Iskra” (“Spark”) was a highly important strategic operation finished with the breaking the blockade and rehabilitation of the Leningrad land communications. The display of the museum “Breaking the Leningrad Blockade” and tanks display are devoted to this operation. Out of five tanks presented in the display only one took part in the operation. The remaining four were raised from the bottom of the Neva river and participated in the battles for Leningrad.

“Iskra” operation plan

Heavy tank KV-1

Light tank T-26


T-38 – an amphibian tank

Heavy tank KV-1S



Another KV-1

Legendary T-34

Tanks display





“Sinyavino heights”


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17 responses to “Open-Air Museum: Breaking the Leningrad Blockade”

  1. George Johnson says:

    Amazing what they can do to tanks these days. There’s a show running on TV about people that restore them, and they took two Sherman tanks, and cut them in half and put one good half of each to make one good tank. Those tanks were just totally destroyed, used as target practice. Yet when done, it looked brand new.

  2. Ignaz says:


  3. Den says:

    the power of russian people is unbelievable strong! it dosent metter what your country is, reach or poor. When you figt it’s only your heart and motherland. And belive me theres no nations stronger than slavic people!!!

    • Testicules says:

      There must be a lot of Slavs in the USA then. The USA fought the Germans and the Japanese at the same time. It also supplied the rest of the world, including Russia, vast amounts of war fighting supplies.

  4. kbr says:

    Leningrad, makes the Western front look like a nice walk in the park. Non theless war is anything but nice and cheerful.

  5. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Thanks much to whoever posted this article. Having read a good deal about the siege of Leningrad, this is a very powerful article. I hope one day I can afford to go to Russia and pay my respects to these brave people who sacrificed so much.

  6. CZenda says:

    Where is a baby Putin throwing hand grenades from his cradle at the enemy?

  7. Steamed McQueen says:

    When in St. Petersburg one should go to the cemetery in Piscaryovka where the bulk of the victims of the blockade are buried in mass graves. Don’t forget to stop at the small display outside and look at what the citizens of Leningrad had to live on.

    Best seen on a cold winter day.

  8. Jeans says:

    so small armor had this tank TB-5, omg

  9. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Zhdanov, Leningrad 1941: “The enemy is at the gates.”

  10. Tony2Toe says:

    Excellent article…thanks!

  11. AlexMa says:

    To CZenda
    1. Father of mr. Putin, soldier of 330 infantry regiment, 86 division, was badly injured in november 1941, during the military operation mentioned above.
    2. Dozens of Soviet children awarded for courage in combat during WW2 – some of them with good personal score of killed enemy.

  12. ter says:

    i like these tanks.really nice ones

  13. Kurze says:

    That is a very nice museum. The panorama panels remind me of the Waterloo Museum, but that museum doesn’t hold a candle to this one. Very, very nice.
    And some Russian tanks always brighten up my day!

  14. Bigg Fredd says:

    I’ve noticed more of the pix are getting captions. A nice improvement. Keep up the good work!

  15. RandomJoe says:

    That T26 looks like a deathtrap. Gotta love prewar armor and their paper thin protection. Never seen the t38 before.

  16. David says:

    another potentially interesting tank museum. Anyone been there? Can kids climb on tanks?

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