9 Wondrous Tank-Maker

Wondrous Tank-Maker

Posted on September 30, 2010 by team

Wondrous Tank-Maker 3

We have already written about a guy whose hobby is making tanks, so these are the latest results of his.

Wondrous Tank-Maker 2Wondrous Tank-Maker 4Wondrous Tank-Maker 5Wondrous Tank-Maker 6

Wondrous Tank-Maker 7Wondrous Tank-Maker 8Wondrous Tank-Maker 9Wondrous Tank-Maker 10Wondrous Tank-Maker 11–nextpage–Wondrous Tank-Maker 12Wondrous Tank-Maker 13Wondrous Tank-Maker 14Wondrous Tank-Maker 15Wondrous Tank-Maker 16

Wondrous Tank-Maker 17Wondrous Tank-Maker 18Wondrous Tank-Maker 19Wondrous Tank-Maker 20

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9 responses to “Wondrous Tank-Maker”

  1. OLUT says:

    TANKS a lot for this post!

  2. kbr says:

    ever person has its own hobby…

  3. Testicules says:

    I think I know where I am going to do my Christmas shopping

  4. russia_bound says:

    Well its a little odd that he makes tanks as a hobby. Is he preparing for Armageddon or something maybe..? Do they work is the question..? Or could they work..? Pretty cool pictures thanks for the upload…

  5. Pancer says:

    Where he is living? Do You have any contact with him?

  6. Goran Noren says:

    This guy has a talent that could earn him a lot of money if he practiced his trade in the west. Building props for films is good business, if you have the right contacts.

    Wish I had known this guy when making a WW2 film last year.

  7. RandomJoe says:

    Surely this guy doesn’t have a working tiger tank, I find that hard to believe.

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