37 A Trip To Grozny, Chechnya

A Trip To Grozny, Chechnya

Posted on September 30, 2010 by team

We thought it might be interesting to visit Grozny city of today and look how it has changed after the war. It turned out that the city was totally restored and it doesn’t remind much of the hard time it had to go through.

There are no exchange offices in Grozny but there are many money changers who always offer favorable rate.

The main mosque of the city

It’s the largest mosque in Russia and Europe.

It was opened on 17, October, 2008 during the forum “Islam – religion of peace and creation”. Its construction began in 2006 with the assistance of Turkey. The mosque’s minarets are the haghest in Russia, but the height of the cupola is 3 meters less than those in Kazan and St. Petersburg. Besides, it is more spacious than the mosque of Makhachkala.

Outside and inside walls are decorated with rarest marble – travertine, and the interior is beautified with white marble that is quarried on the island of Marmara Adasi in the Sea of Marmara.

There are lots of FSB officers in Grozny.


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37 Responses to “A Trip To Grozny, Chechnya”

  1. Max says:

    First?! Nice pics too

  2. geo says:

    Very beautiful and peaceful looking, I’m surprised.

  3. Max says:

    I like the name of the street too, V.V.Putin street, cant get better than that

  4. SovMarxist1924 says:

    The idiocy and immorality of religion: While neighborhoods are devastated, money is poured into building gaudy, pornographic religious edifices. Just a waste.

    • Chris says:

      What do you, atheist, have to say about morality? If there is no supreme being you are free to rape and murder, for we are evolved from mud and slime, and there’s no morality there.

      As long as it keeps the Chechens quiet it’s a good idea to build them mosques. If they try to rise again then it will have to be razed.

      • Pep says:

        That is absurd. Humans can feel pain and empathy for others. They can see what works and what not. Not believing in supernatural entity with human form doesn’t mean we cannot develop ethics about how we think life is better.

    • Jim-Bob says:

      Depends on how you view religion. To many, it is the most important part of their lives, and getting their faith life back to normal is the most important step towards rebuilding their lives. Don’t try to foist your belief in the non-existence of God on everyone else. Not everyone wants to live a life devoid of greater meaning like yourself.

      • mick says:

        so you *need a beautiful place just to pray? i wonder how many people who pray there *need* money to feed there family. religion is the biggest waist of resources in the world, more so then oil. prove to me your god is real and ill ignore the fact fossils are all around us.

      • perristalsis says:

        On the other hand, the founders and prophets of various religions started preaching with nothing more than a boulder or tree for their chapel/synagogue/mosque. When and why did that change into ostentatious gaudiness?

        • another viewer says:

          I believe there is one God who sent many prophets

          the point of having many religions is that poeple tries to change their believes for their benefist

          for example their was one Christ and now there is many christian way of believers

          and about proving that God exist >> it is much easier than proving it is not

          because an invention need an inventor

          and I cannot believe that all these details with that precision and perfection is made all by mistakes

          about using that much of gold and money on that building

          In islamic religion you shouldn’t do that (even it is not forbidden) but like you said poor children worth more

          prophet Mohammed peace be upon him built a very simple masjid for prayer, and totally wasnt like that

          sorry for that long speech but i wanted to reply :S

          thanks for these wonderful pics :)

      • SovMarxist1924 says:

        Religion=God? There are thousands of religions- does that mean there are thousands of Gods?

  5. russia_bound says:

    Very cool pictures. Some impressive buildings. Thanks for the picture uploads…

  6. M.E. says:

    Nice Picture :)

  7. Rob says:

    Great pics. It makes me want to go there. Of course every one of these posts about a particular place makes me want to go to that place…

    Anyway, good post!

  8. JZ says:

    That’s what americans should do in Afghanistan, if they want to end conflict there…

  9. mad1982 says:

    Thnx 4 sharing

  10. Kuluchka 79 says:

    The mosque is obviously a (smaller?) copy of the famous Hagia Sofia cathedral in Istanbul. What the builders in Grozny probably didn’t know is that Hagia Sofia originally was a Christian chirch, and only in 1453 it was converted into an Islamic mosque, primarily by adding minarets. (In 1453 Constantinople – today Istanbul – was captured by the Ottoman Turks.) Prior to that Hagia Sofia served as the palace chapel for the Byzantine emperors and was the site of their coronations.

    • strannik says:

      its good that they dont know that because they will transform the last Christian cathedral in Grozny into mosque like their turkish friends did

  11. Testicules says:

    That is hard to argue with. It would be easier if more moderate muslems actually stood up to confront the radical elements in their own religion. All I hear is crickets chirping though.

  12. Alpha says:

    you are a nazi racist.

  13. Leo says:

    John, ou are including a lot of very different people with very different opinions in your “they”.

    Similarly, you are including both yourself and presumably all the posters on this site in your “we”, despite us having few opinions in common. Please don’t claim to be representing others when you are being an asshat.

  14. Mizz(A)... says:

    Whatever one believs in God or not, Grozny is a beautiful place and i hope the demolished houses will be fully restored som day in the future.


  15. mike says:

    That city has come a long way. The country is living in as much fear as at any point in the last decade, however. Pray that non of your cousin’s in-laws are fighting with the insurgents, or the police might burn down your house and torture your wife.

  16. Mark says:

    I wonder how many people visit Russia based on what they see on this site? I want to see the whole country!

  17. DouglasUrantia says:

    Islam is the world’s largest cult. It institutionalizes the degradation of women in property and sex slaves for their husband. A Muslim man can divorce his wife by sending her an email. Muslim people I know are good people, sadly they are trapped by birth in a so-called religion containing much negativity.

  18. Jan III Sobieski says:

    Very nice pictures, but, from our european point of view, Chechenia is Asia, not Europe. So simple…

  19. Man says:

    Russian Emirates :)

  20. nightkraawler says:

    ummm..the entire city buildings are alligned in a grid pattern, this mosque is facing what? mecca? there is more to it ..it’s a symbol of power and control. Women can not marry outside of the religion but men can ..a pretty good system if the goal is for Islam to dominate the next offspring seeing how the women are the child bearrers and men are the control.I guess the question one has to ask.. has Islam achieved all the things it preaches in the countries it has taken over and is this what our world should be like …Islamic world is responsible for less then 20 % of new science and innovation..is this what we want?

  21. Shoutoutloud says:

    i m drawn to the beauty of the place, the culture that they practise and the really georgous people in the country. Another thing added to my wishlist: to visit Grozny !;)

  22. M.... says:

    Chechenya e denj fineste plassn, dokk trøng itj å si ting dokk itj veit! Allj i Chechenya e muslima Alhamdulillah, reine folk, ezd bu ghilkh ghulkh dolsh bu! A ne durakie kak vy….tak chto zaktnys!!!!!

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