12 Travelling Underground

Travelling Underground

Posted on September 29, 2010 by team

We’ve climbed to the clouds, and been on the crane, observed the subway, now it’s time of the underground spaces…

These guys came to some cafe, found a hatch there and decided to open it….

And they found themselves…here…


12 Responses to “Travelling Underground”

  1. Traffic says:

    Moscow Sewerage

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Ain’t no tunnel of love, that’s for sure. Did the USSR ever build a water treatment plant? I doubt it.

  3. jed118 says:

    No wonder sinkholes all the time… Tunnels probably collapsing!

  4. hobbit says:

    Moscow has many underground water ways. The land was very wet. There are many tunnels in Moscow to explore.

    If you visit Moscow, look for the bomb blast doors in Metro stations. You might walk by and not notice them. History Channel did a show on underground Moscow. It is worth seeing.

  5. txo says:

    Smoking there? (healthy)x2

  6. Jožo says:

    So interesting! There’s so much going on underground! I would love to visit these places.

  7. Strelok says:

    Get out of here Stalker

  8. russia_bound says:

    Some very interesting pictures to say the least. I would go through them and look but I would not be touching stuff with my bare hands that’s for sure. Thanks for the uploads…

  9. Creep says:

    Flush Twice – it’s a long way to McDonalds!

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