16 A Visit To the “Micron” Factory

A Visit To the “Micron” Factory

Posted on September 29, 2010 by team

“Micron” factory was built in Zelenograd in the 1960s to develop industrial production of Russian integrated circuits. “Micron” is the largest microelectronic company in Russia and the CIS countries according to sales volume.

Silicon looks like this. It’s a natural semiconductor.

Silicon is a main material for integrated circuits.

Silicon is melted and then a special core is inserted in it, the mass is cooled and the melted silicon crystallizes around this core.

The cylinder is “chopped” into thin plates.

Some parts are corroded  to have such a workpiece

“Micron” factory produces all types of cards: transport, discount, cash, insurance and medical ones, ski-passes and chips for passports.

Metro tickets

Making tickets

Do you see chip spots made by a robot?


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16 Responses to “A Visit To the “Micron” Factory”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here, yes furst again, like the USA.

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    Capitalism at it’s best. An entrepreneur saw an opportunity, acquired funding, hired smart people. A corporation is a living thing, serving the needs of the public, and client, efficiently.

  3. Half-Breed says:


  4. traducer says:

    Nice, never saw them produced b4 thx

  5. Testicules says:

    This might be the cleanest place in Russia.

  6. dudster says:

    Any Russia/USSR made equipment? :-)

  7. russia_bound says:

    Very cool pictures. There is a HUGE Micron factory about 100 miles from where I live. They do some pretty crazy stuff with plastics and metals. Thanks for the uploads…

  8. VITTUIX-MAN says:

    A non-abandoned factory in ER, that’s something new.

  9. Leo says:

    I worked there in 80ies .nice place

  10. Darja Nowikow says:

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  11. Dextrox says:

    Way to show some solid cleavage there miss camerawoman.

  12. Creep says:

    It’s amazing how much effort goes into delivering internet porn.

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