20 The Caucasus 2010

The Caucasus 2010

Posted on September 28, 2010 by team

In this post you may see reserved places of the North Caucasus located 1000 m – 3000 m above sea level.

A settlement near Krasnaya Polyana, goats and shepherds live there.

Abkhazia behind these mountains

A lake 2000 m above sea level, unfortunately there is no fish in it.


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20 Responses to “The Caucasus 2010”

  1. kitoy says:

    1st!!!!!! atleast!!!! wohoo!!!!

  2. Nom_de_Guerre says:

    Amazing set

  3. George Johnson says:

    Beautiful location. Lucky to be camping up there.

    Why is there no fish in those lakes? Is there something in there that’s not supposed to be?? Something not in there that IS supposed to be (besides fish). Or are they just fished out?

  4. w says:

    What does webmaster mean by “The path is mine-studded, footprints of miners”? Webmaster needs to take english class and rely less on babelfish

  5. mike says:

    The Caucasus are like the Alps plus Awesome.

  6. Bobble Hat says:

    What a stunningly beautiful area!

  7. froggy says:

    I wish i could go camping in such a beautiful place.

  8. mad1982 says:

    awesome nature

  9. GeoRileyO says:

    Lovely photos; thank you for the posting.

  10. Roflwaflz says:

    So beautiful.

  11. Velid says:

    There is almost same place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at mountin Bjelasnica. I’ll send you some pictures as soon as I go there… ;)

  12. russia_bound says:

    Amazing pictures of the area. Incredible views. Very cool uploads thanks for the pictures…

  13. Jonas says:

    I was there about two months ago. Jumped in that lake 2km above sea level – it was f…ing cold!

  14. scot says:

    Good Photos… Thanks.

    Plus miners footprints are surely those of a Bigfoot.

  15. Ugly American says:

    It’s either the set of Conan or the Elysian Fields.

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