9 Striving For Clouds

Striving For Clouds

Posted on September 28, 2010 by team


What do you know about the job of steeplejacks? It’s hard, and dangerous and definitely not the job of your dream, but these guys may see stunning views being high over our heads…

In this post we’ll see the things that they could observe from above while building Nord-Park dwelling complex in Moscow.

The site of the trading center and a crane


Green “sea” of the park Pokrovskoye-Streshnyovo


A park near Khimki flood plain, a swimming-pool also nearby


Khimki flood plain in the daytime


Looking at the circular railway and the Leningrad highway


Over Koptevo




Looking at Likhobor


Alye Parusa nearby and the Strogino flood plain behind it.


Likhobory are near


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9 Responses to “Striving For Clouds”

  1. Boris Yelsin and friends says:


  2. JZ says:

    Same kind of forest is in my city also. Very good stuff!

  3. I8van says:

    How old are these fotos? 5 o 6 years old? Lots of recently constructed buildings are not there yet, if we don´t even mention the reconstruction of the old soviet blocks of flats, thats going on recently

  4. Frank Leblaine says:

    FYI crane operators are not steeplejacks. Still a fine job, unless they collapse and you die haha!

  5. russia_bound says:

    Some very cool landscape photos, thanks for the upload…

  6. Unknown says:

    O_o; That job is going on my “Dad is never to do job” list.

  7. Jožo says:

    I am very scared of heights, but this was very interesting. There’s one post on ER where a guy was sitting on the edge of this really tall structure, and he took a picture of his legs dangling down… just seeing that gave me vertigo.

  8. guillermo says:

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