21 Two Interesting Destinations Having Mysterious Past

Two Interesting Destinations Having Mysterious Past

Posted on September 24, 2010 by team

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 1

Today we are going to see two interesting places near Fryazino, the Moscow Region: a radar of the space communication center and Grebnyovo estate.

Coming to the territory of the military base

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 2

It seems that this place is not abandoned

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 3

A tower with an approximate height 60m nearby. Some equipment on the top.

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 4

The first main object we were going to see – a huge radar set of the space communications center located on the territory of this military base.

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 5

Going deeper into the forest

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 6Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 7

Another tower that looks like a meteorological one.

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 8

Some support structure

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 9

Coming inside

Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 10

The stairs are flooded, what is there on the bottom we wonder?


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21 Responses to “Two Interesting Destinations Having Mysterious Past”

  1. from says:

    Last from below!

  2. muzzer says:

    amazing pics.

  3. Rodrigo - (arg) says:

    Interesting pics, thanks for post – greetings from Argentina

  4. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Just as proof the USA is not to be outdone, even when it comes to AIP, abandon in place stuff. Take a gander at this:


    Camp Hero in the USA, apparently aliens visited the genius, Nikoli Tesla there and they hung out together, lol.

  5. ret says:

    what they should do is to demolish the structure.I dont know how many viruses,bacteria,fungi,rats,vermin are breeding there.They should pour petrol/gasoline and burn it completely.then build a huge luxury housing complex for rich

  6. Chris says:


    Some oligarch should restore that shack!!!

  7. Lord Cunt says:

    What is it with Russians and abandoning buildings?

  8. SovMarxist1924 says:

    The Soviet Union was in the forefront of science (and mathematics) but now under capitalism Russia is stagnant or even sliding backwards in these fields. No matter how one feels about the U.S.S.R. one cannot say they were not ahead of the U.S. in physics, mathematics, and cosmology. (Let’s forget about Lysenko, okay? He was a pseudo-biologist and a Stalinist stooge).

    • jim-bob says:

      I wouldn’t say they were ahead of the US, but for many years they did manage to achieve parity with the US in the sciences. However, it was at a cost to the common man in the USSR as the achievements were done at the expense of not spending money on basic things like efficient food production and distribution. So, it was a thin veneer of progress atop a rotting core. Capitalism is far from perfect, but the decentralized nature of it makes it better able to produce enough to meet the basic needs of the average man because if one company is corrupt, you can usually find another to do business with that will be more than happy to provide what their competitor can not. in a communist country, you only have the state to buy from and when it’s screwed up, everything is screwed up. That’s why in the USSR you had to wait a few years for a Lada when in the US, you could buy a new car any time you wanted to provided you could afford it.

      • SovMarxist1924 says:

        I don’t know, it seems like there’s an obscene amount of everything under capitalism. How many different kinds of cereal (or toothpaste, or paper towels, etc.) do we really need? Does everyone need all the junk found in a Walmart? I don’t think there was that much incompetence in the gov’t. running things. I’m talking about the U.S.S.R. of course. They just spent way too much on the military, but you are aware of why, right? But I do understand your viewpoint. I just can’t accept the extreme income disparities in capitalist states. The “pyramid of capitalism” is still true.

  9. kbr says:

    I wonder how life must have been when those places were in use. I can’t imagine… to be honest.

    • SovMarxist1924 says:

      For the pics of the estate: life in the 19th century was (compared to today) incredibly slow. Work took up much of the day, pretty much sun-up to sundown.

  10. Jim G. in NY says:

    Interesting. I happen to love old ruins; seeing the pictures of the building reminded me of one that is near to where I grew up. I remember hiking to it in 1962 when I was a child. It was still fairly intact then, and even had some furniture left inside. Someone set a fire in ’69 that gutted it. Here’s a website that has pictures as it appears today; the Overlook Mountain House in Woodstock, NY.


  11. russia_bound says:

    Very cool pictures, I would like to see what was down those submerged stairs, also what is down some of those caved in tunnels and hallways. Very cool pictures thanks for the upload…

  12. Drugdude says:

    Nice shroom. Nomnomnom.

  13. geoper2 says:

    I always love your pictures from places like these !! thanks again

  14. Mr. Popup says:

    Please remove the popup after clicking the “more…” link to a story. Thanks.

  15. SOC says:

    It kinda looks like the white house… without the semicircular bit at the front.

    Hard to fathom how much abandoned buildings appear on here.
    But always good to look and learn.

  16. Darja Nowikow says:

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  17. Affiliate says:

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  18. NickNep says:

    Pic# 8 is not a meteorological staff. It is a geodetic site.
    The estate was abandoned many years ago. When I’ve seen it first 25 years ago it was already ruined.

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