27 Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond

Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond

Posted on September 23, 2010 by team


A wonderful collection of photos taken recently in Kamchatka. Enjoy the views!


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27 Responses to “Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond”

    • DougW says:

      Bear pr0n!

      • OLUT says:

        Bare bear!

        Incredible photos. Russia is so fortunate to have Kamchatka, I can’t imagine much more beautiful places in the world!

        • Andrey says:

          Photos are great — but about more beautiful places, try googling “Yellowstone” or “Yosemite”.

          • Makarov says:

            Yellowstone no more beautiful place – it is more PR place. And Yellowstone small: about 9000 sq.km
            Kamchatka has a three national parks: Komandorsky (36000 sq.km), Kronotsky (11000 sq.km) and Koryatsky (3000 sq.km)
            And 5 Nature parks.
            Yellowstone has excellent infrastructure. Kamchatka is absolutely wild place, photographers can display only 10-15 percent of all the beauties of this land.

  1. Boris Badenov says:

    Yummy redhead. I would take a tramp in the woods with her anyday.

  2. Testicules says:

    Let’s go camping

  3. Q says:

    I’m in love with that redhead :) She’s soooo sweet. I’d take any kind of trip with her anyday :D

  4. George Johnson says:

    Beautiful country.

    Bear titties… hehe…. titties…

  5. koala says:

    if russians allow,i want to settle in kamchtka

  6. kbr says:

    nice counrty, but an interesting history. Love the bears, but not as much as the redhead.

  7. Greg says:

    I noticed a river blocked by a natural landslide? Mine tailings? What was the black muck the photographer fell into? Is the area volcanic?

  8. xoxo says:

    if the girl took the time to slap some make-up on (in the miggle of nowhere mind you), then the guy (pic 13) should have taken the time to fix his hair…or at least cut it. p.s:the naked bear made me jump.

  9. Poupou-en-guyane says:

    Only one word : Beautiful !!

  10. John says:

    That shot of the “bear” was the red head with her shirt off..

  11. dima says:

    There is beauty, and then there is Russian magnificent beauty!!!

    Slava Rossii!!!

  12. Yuri says:

    Now thats biodiversity, respect!

  13. russia_bound says:

    Amazing pictures, beautiful landscape, very pretty lady. Makes for a pretty kick arse set of pictures, thanks for the upload…

  14. asdaf says:

    I wish to visit Siberia someday. Unlucky I am not Russian and visa system is annoying. But I wish it very much

  15. Amazing pictures, Kamchatka seems to be a really beautiful place, incredible landscape..

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. unknown says:

    our country has bears too. And our country has mountains except the cute bird. Your country has nice plants and cute animals. The end

  17. jabs420 says:

    I live in Canada and the scenery is much the same here. Beautiful landscapes and beautiful women.
    The bear eating a fish looks like it’s wearing lipstick… Clearly the Russian bears have better fashion sense.

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