29 Secrets of McDonald’s Beef

Secrets of McDonald’s Beef

Posted on September 22, 2010 by team

Perhaps, as long as fast food exists so much time we argue about its harm to our health. We could see many accusatory TV programms and read dozens of books and articles about it.

In their turn, representatives of fast food networks do their best to rehabilitate themselves in all possible ways adding various salads, yoghurt and fruits to their menues. They print information about food energy and convince us of innocence of their wonderful burgers. Lately they have increasingly invited journalists and bloggers to watch fast food production in order they could see themselves that their rolls are the best in the whole world and there is nothing in their cutlets but 100% meat.

This time we are invited to the Italian enterprise MARR RUSSIA where they produce beef cutlets for McDonalds’s restaurants in Russia.

Before entering all employees have to remove their rings, bracelets and watches and put them in special mini-lock boxes.

They have two production halls that are not so huge as you could imagine. Two conveyors for meat – the first one for fresh Russian meat, the second – for foreign frozen one.

Russian meat is not so fat as the foreign one (8% fat), that’s why they have to combine them to achieve 20% fatness.

The frozen meat

Meat is mixed in 50/50 proportion.

Minced meat is waiting for its turn to be taken to another machine that will make cutlets from it.

Main words of the production are “safety” and “qualty”. Temperature of the minced meat shouldn’t rise too much, so they use special device to control it.

Forming machine makes two types of cutlets of various thickness.

And here are the cutlets for all Russia!

Each day they produce 1 000 000 cutlets (about 70 tons)!


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29 Responses to “Secrets of McDonald’s Beef”

  1. mukmika says:

    Is Russian ‘Big Mac’ same as in Canada or the U.S? Place looks nice and clean, that’s good.

    • kbr says:

      as far as I know a big mac is everywhere the same. In economics you have even a ‘big macc index’ which allows you to compare prices around the world for the same product. So yes a big mac is the same around the world (as far as I know)

  2. mack donald says:

    this is the cleanest place in all of russia.

  3. ceiling cat says:

    I didn’t think that Mcdonalds used 100 percent pure beef in the US. I thought it was mixed with soybean.

  4. Yubin Yankinov says:

    In the States, those are called patties, not cutlets.

    Also, they tend to say fat content in lean/fat ratio, so 80/20 for 20% fat.

    Since Americans are the undisputed champions of cheap, tasteless hamburgers, the rest of the world should use American lingo. Get on board already.

    • Rattata says:

      Patty is a horrible word so like hell I will be using it.

      • takethebait says:

        A cutlet in the States is usually regarded as a solid piece of meat like a “pork cutlet”. A patty is just ground meat of any kind, sausage, hamburger, chicken, or whatever that is made into a patty by hand in the home or stamped out by machine in the factory. All looks very nice but I worked in meat-packing in the late ’70s…the kill floor is a disgusting place where you can witness things that might change your mind about eating meat. Killing cute little calves to make veal and stringing them up with a chain hoist to bleed out. Have a nice dinner!

    • Boris Badenov says:

      Try “Jackson Hole” in NYC. for a decent hamburger.

  5. SSSR says:

    I never ate a Mcdonalds burger in Russia so I can’t compare it to a American burger.I ate at KFC next to it in the Ikea Mega Mall instead.

  6. martin says:

    That mysterious “special device” looks like a thermometer to me.

  7. zipp says:

    In the US they mix the lymph glands in ‘as 100% pure beef’ … They’ve stopped this practice in Europe due to the links with cancer. I’m not sure about in Russia.

  8. Boris Badenov says:

    The best McDonald’s? Kyoto Train Station.
    A cutlet is a cut of meat, these are not cutlets, they are ground beef.

  9. MadYank says:

    Formax patty machines, Made in the USA. I used to fix those machines years ago, a real pain in the rear.

    • Sovietophile says:

      Not only a pain in the rear to fix, but a pain in the rear to clean and hence usually where the e coli contamination spreads to millions.

  10. jed118 says:

    When I went to Poland the first time (1994) I tried McDonalds there (reluctantly).

    Quite good, vastly superior to Canadian MCd’s.

  11. glucko says:

    It is just the meat, but you cannot see the dead animal or what parts are inside. It is not necesary to kill so many animals. And besides, this factory is quite clean, but it is not always the same…

  12. MacGregor says:

    I want to see the production line for KFC now… Last time I had KFC there were little grey feathers in my meal. Australia btw

    • Mike says:

      There is no “production line” for KFC, outside of a factory-farmed chicken factory. Worldwide, KFC sources locally. The restaurants actually get bags of refrigerated raw chicken that gets breaded and cooked in the restaurant. Local sourcing is why they even cut out the nuggets for strips. But if you knew how they pull apart leftover pieces to make the pot pies…

  13. Mike says:

    Actually, McDs in the US imports meat from south america because there is not enough lean meat in the US to supply the US stores. The US grain fed is TOO fatty for even McDs.

    Russia doesn’t utilize grain fed as much as the US (not enough grain) so the meat is actually leaner, on the whole.

    Also, Russia actually would reject most US beef because of hormone levels.

  14. Bakedpotatoes says:

    American McD’s does not equal Anywhere-else McD’s. American fast food is vile.

  15. Emerson Araçatuba says:

    O melhor lanche do mundo é o do gulosão aqui em araçatuba/SP, brasil, tem o x-tudo que é muito bom, pão hamburguer, salsicha, frando desfiado, bacon, calabresa, ovo frito, fatias de queijo e presunto, muita maionese, catchup, mostarda, folhas de alface e tomate.

  16. nightkraawler says:

    those are the biggest patties I’ve ever seen ..you sure they are going to McD ? the patties in US are a joke ..in fact the whole burger at McD is a joke ..no matter which one .F McD.

  17. arsenio says:

    I quit eating Mcd’s in the 90’s, when I saw a documentary on these ranchers from Wisconsin (or somewhere up there), where these small ranchers were complaining about how the big ranchers were pushing out the little guys; these mom and pop ranchers said that the only thing that was keeping them afloat was because they were selling beef eyeballs to McDonald’s. I like beef but not THAT much!

  18. svimp says:

    is not bad at all ..

  19. USGarbage says:

    I’m born and raised in the USA, and all American and Canadian meat is poison garbage.

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