20 Working With Iron And Fire

Working With Iron And Fire

Posted on September 17, 2010 by team

Working With Iron And Fire 12

Somewhere in Abkhazia there live and work two talented blacksmiths - a father and a son, Vladimir and Daur Khutaba. They proved another time that blacksmiths are interesting and even mysterious people.

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Vladimir Khutaba has been standing at an anvil since 1954. Now he is 77 and most of the work is done by his son Daur. They showed us how they make a thing that will remain in the family for the long years and will be considered to be sacred - a chain that will be used to hang a kettle on over a hearth.

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He still has enough strength.


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20 Responses to “Working With Iron And Fire”

  1. Testicules says:

    OMG you are so lucky to be first. Call you’re mom and let her know.

  2. xoxo says:

    seriously? this webpage just told me to slow down posting comments?? -unless u rename ur blog to “communistrussia” u can’t tell me what to do.
    and the old man in the pics is so adorable…

  3. kbr says:

    craftsmen… people for whom I have a lot of respect.

  4. RzM Sauce says:

    Lovely thread, would of been nice if you showed the finnishd product???

  5. Pacific NW says:

    I got a really good deal on a Russian anvil a few years ago, cost me $50 brand new as opposed to hundreds more.

  6. Macsen says:

    As a hobby metal worker/machinist (I make specialty tools, and other things with my lathe and milling machine in my living room), it’s sure nice to see others continuing the old hand crafted work, as opposed to corporate mass manufacturing.

  7. DougW says:

    It’s amazing to see what a skilled blacksmith can do.

  8. uditha says:

    ooooh god i thing miss india has return from hell in a different name

  9. Bobble Hat says:

    This is EnglishRussia at its best – showing things that just cannot be seen normally. Getting right down into the fine detail of a subject. Brilliant!

  10. Mizz(A)... says:

    Thank You very much, i am a blacksmith too and my former boss was actually working in Russia in many Years. :)

  11. patsy says:

    wow Russia is like 1700s or something. You just dont get people like this or “pesants” in the west.

  12. eyefull says:

    Good on you guys!. Great to see that some of the old crafts are flourishing over there, as well as here in NZ where we still have some blacksmiths. I’ve had a play at it, but don’t have enough skills yet to call myself one, but do know some blacksmiths here.Well Done!!

  13. CZenda says:

    Cool, but the axes look somewhat… obsolete. Someone should tell them to google Helko Tomahawk for inspiration ;-)

  14. russia_bound says:

    This right here shows what craftsmen can do what regular items. Amazing set of photos, too bad more people don’t do things like they used to in the old days. I would like to see the finished product thought that’s for sure. Its cool that even as old as he is, he is still swinging that hammer and making product. Thanks for the pictures…

  15. Aussie says:

    These men and their shop should be treated as national treasures. Please post more pictures of traditional craftsmen and their work, they will soon be only memories.
    Spasibo !

  16. hicalcium says:

    Hello, You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic with google and found most people will agree with your blog.

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