32 Apocalyptic Tractors

Apocalyptic Tractors

Posted on September 15, 2010 by team

The Minsk plant of wheeled tractors was a secret subdivision of MAZ in the Soviet time. It is exactly those vehicles that carry missiles in Red Square in days of parades, air defense and other heavy equipment. After the USSR collapse the plant became an independent enterprise and now it is under the supervision of the Byelorussian Department of Defense. Today it turns out products of “Volat” (“Hero”) brand.

MZKT-79221 is used in the composition of a mobile launcher for “Topol-M” complex. It is sold for 133300 per item in Russia.

View from a cabin

16 wheels, all are the driving ones

MZKT-7930 (8×8) will carry “Iskanders”


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32 Responses to “Apocalyptic Tractors”

  1. An says:

    Cool pictures

  2. DougW says:

    3th! nice wheels

  3. Testicules says:

    These would make great pizza delivery trucks.

  4. guttunge says:

    Anyone got any info on the yellow truck, secound last picture?

  5. van says:

    intelligent nation, top around the world !

  6. MadYank says:

    Outstanding work by those men at the factory, they should be very proud.

  7. Chris says:


    And I thought Belarus was a third world country!!!

    Still, shouldn’t those things have more electronics these days?

  8. George Johnson says:

    Nice trucks, but I wish everybody would realize that stuff like this is such a waste of money. I wonder how much money just two countries (the US and Russia) have wasted on military equipment like this that’s never been used. Eh, it’s a jobs program….

  9. CottonCentury says:

    My they are beautiful.

  10. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Bohemoths! Appears to be a smoothly run facility.

  11. kbr says:

    they were, are and will be good trucks !!!

  12. mephamd says:

    Yellow truck, second last one:
    MZKT 7907. 24X24
    1985 production year,
    capacity 200 tones
    you can google it..

  13. falseter says:

    is anyone sold it in Ebay?

  14. Boritz says:

    Trucks would be more handsome with Soviet style white wall tyres!

  15. Special consultant says:

    I want one of these as my next pick-up truck.
    Then I can go hummer bashing…

  16. Chris says:

    I love the site, but is there anyway you could translate the signs? At least for the pictures of signs. There is a lot of miscellaneous Cyrillic, but I’d appreciate a translation of the major stuff. Thanks!

  17. kater says:

    On September 17 1939 the treacherous Soviets ruthlessly attacked Poland, already under attack by Germans. Russians signed a pact with Germans to cut Poland in half and share the loot. Poland was once again betrayed and attacked by Soviet Russia. What followed was 50+ years of effective occupation by Russians in terms of communist government and presence of foreign army in the territory of Poland. May the memory of this hideous deed never be forgotten, in spite of continued attempts by Russians to rewrite history. Long live Poland!

  18. Jed118 says:

    Why are more being built? Is the need to transport ICBM’s REALLY that great?

  19. Ivan Turdson says:

    They has at least one robot on their factory.

  20. Gabriel says:

    Interesting is, that the 24×24 (Model 7907) has a unique powerplant: an 1250 HP gas turbine. This is connected to a huge alternator which produces the power to run all the electro motors of the transmission (individual driven wheels). So, this is probably also one of the biggest hybrids of the world :)
    However I heard that one of the two 7907s carried a yacht, and was driven in reverse gear into the water (to launch the yacht). So the e-all-wheel-drive had a fault at least on the last 4 axles. But, the monster was able to drive back to the plant (however only by 30 kph).

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