9 Top 7 High-Paid Russian Sportsmen

Top 7 High-Paid Russian Sportsmen

Posted on September 13, 2010 by team

Top 7 Russian sportsmen who have managed to sign long-term contracts for a big value. Forbes has made a list of 7 athlets from Russia whose contractual value is higher than $40 million.  

Ilya Kovalchuk

New Jersey Devils/NHL

$100 million for 15 years


Aleksandr Ovechkin

Washington Capitals/NHL

$124 million for 13 years

Aleksey Yashin

New York Islanders/NHL

$87,5 for 10 years

Andrey Kirilenko

Utah Jazz/NBA

$86,4 million for 6 years

Pavel Bure

Florida Panthers/NHL

$47,5 million for 5 years

Pavel Datsyuk

Detroit Red Wings/NHL

$46,9 for 7 years

Evgeny Malkin

Pittsburgh Penguins/NHL

$43,5 for 5 years

sportsmen007via forbes.ru

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9 Responses to “Top 7 High-Paid Russian Sportsmen”

  1. Lewis s says:


  2. Testicules says:

    I like to be 3

  3. Sense sir me says:

    That’s why I don’t watch NHL hockey anymore… The players are way overpaid!

  4. naj says:

    yet, Datsyuk is the only one with Heart and Talent

  5. Bertus says:

    Where is Ivan Drago?


  6. Jebex says:

    Great players

  7. Akasha says:

    The first one looks great :>

  8. scott says:

    Go Ural Great! Kirilenko making some coin now..

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