12 Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk

Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk

Posted on September 9, 2010 by team

Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 2

In this nice city in Russia there lives a man who once thought that it’s not so cool to go outside in cold winter mornings and walk 10 meters to the underground car park. Winters in Chelyabinsk are so cold, you know. But this man was a director of a big construction company, and he found the simplest solution to his problem – to build something that would allow him to get into a car while still having a dressing-gown and slippers on.

This “something” was an elevator. An ordinary one, 4 storeys high. With an air passage right from his apartment.

Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 3Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 4Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 5Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 6Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 7Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 8Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 9Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 10Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 11

The air passage.

Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 12

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12 Responses to “Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk”

  1. geoper2 says:

    I dont get this ? Is it not completed yet i cant see how he can go there without going out ?

  2. diadingo says:

    yea need more info

  3. Justas says:

    That air passage is no longer there as you all can see. It probably used to be there, but one day… BAM!!!! A huge UFO plate suddenly came down from the far cosmos and smashed that poors man air passage!!!!!

  4. Sen sir me says:

    I see that the English graffiti has taken a new twist!

  5. OLUT says:

    For your information, it’s a SHE, not a HE, and her name is Wonder Woman. That’s where she parks her invisible jet. In her invisible air passage.

  6. George Johnson says:

    I’d like to know why he needed a private elevator. Couldn’t he use the one in the building he LIVED in?

    But for those above, he had a bridge (see last photo) from his apartment to the brick building, that allowed him to WALK from his apartment to the brick building you see (that’s what the white lines in the last photo are, showing where the bridge was).

    Still weird though.

  7. Testicules says:

    This was about as exciting as the dumpster behind a 7-11. This might be the most boring post ever. Don’t you have any more fountain water fight pics?

  8. who dares wins says:

    Pointless thread.

  9. Musa says:

    LOL, this is so ridicules! He didn’t want to go out in the cold to get to his car… what did he do when he arrived at where ever he was going in his car… did he have more garages with elevators and bridges?

    Interesting post, thanks guys!


  10. russia_bound says:

    Whoever this guy was or is… he is a pretty inventive guy to have thought of this. Cool pictures thanks for the upload…

  11. ZeroDrop says:

    Elevetor fail.

    Useless elevator is useless!

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