55 “Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman”

“Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman”

Posted on September 9, 2010 by team


Every year thousands of Jewish – Assideans from all over the world come to Ukraine, Uman city to celebrate New Year in the place where lived their idol Nachman. The locals don’t know whether they should rejoice (cause they can rent out houses and boost sales) or cry (cause crowds and rubbish are never good).







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55 responses to ““Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman””

  1. w says:

    First schmucks!!

  2. Boris A says:

    The children are so cute… 🙂

  3. YJ says:

    My mind was filled with dirty jokes as I went through these photos. but anyway nice pics.

  4. Max says:

    Looks like a sausage fest.

  5. iliekmudkipz says:

    More religious fruitcakes that believe in imaginary friends.

  6. Testicules says:

    What’s up with the creepy hairstyles? I could never the side burn ponytails. They’d always be getting in your soup.

  7. asdlf says:

    Stop all religions. Now!

  8. Gino says:

    What a bunch of scary people! no hygiene. no women. stinky clothes! what a freak fest. you should have posted the pictures of these same men veiled as they walked through the Kiev airport. modesty required they did not glaze upon a woman. my sanity requires i only gaze on hot Ukrainian women.

  9. Spongebobtotherescue says:

    Neat pictures, neat perspective.

  10. moty says:

    these people are ultraortodox not jewish

    most jewish people see them as fruitcakes (me included)

    we need a post of the life in the beaches of tel aviv so you can see how real jewish people look like 🙂

    • karina says:

      well said =]

      though i’m not Jewish but i do live in Israel 😛

    • Dave says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head right there, not just about Jews but about Christians, Muslims, Hindus etc. It’s always the weirdest and most extreme element of any religion- or any group in society for that matter- that end up becoming the stereotype for the larger group that they represent. That’s why people see these guys as being representative of Jews, Bible-bashing evangelists as being typical Christians and screaming Wahabists and burka-clad women as typical Muslims. Stereotypes are always based on the worst that a group has to offer.

    • Proud Ultra Orthodox says:


      You see us as freaks until you get sick or land in trouble and then come running to us for help. Then you cry to borrow a wheelchair or get treatment abroad at a subsidized price, or for our rabbis and activists to get your loved one out of jail in Asia where he has been arrested for selling drugs.

      And we keep helping, not because we like you personally, nor do we care what you say about us, but because this is what G-d told us we should be doing.

  11. Sven the swede says:

    One of the jews in the pictures looked red haired.

  12. DouglasUrantia says:

    as a group they seem to be way over concerned about their hair……very weird. Shouldn’t they be more worried about their hearts and minds?

  13. AustriaNOTAustralia says:

    Where are all women?

    (Psss, I had religion class today. When my teacher asked us where to find jews, one of my classmate answered the question with “in every glue-stick made in the 40ies”.)

  14. meow says:

    I see Weird Al in there. : )

  15. Shternberg says:

    אחלה של תמונת
    מוות לערבית
    ושנה טובה לכולם

    We have to kill all the Goyim of the world

  16. YJ says:

    Look I got pigeon nest on my head.

  17. Adolf says:

    That is just naaaaaasty.

  18. Adolf says:

    what filth.

  19. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Overpopulation. Not good… Nature will take care of things in the future.

  20. Ivana Benderova says:

    This is a re-creation of what it would look like if the Florida Panthers will ever win the Stanley Cup.

  21. muzzer says:

    oh love the pig tails

  22. Fake Borat says:

    This photographer was able to capture the jews their natural state before they became shape-shifted into the form of a goat. Their womens must be at home laying eggs.

  23. karina says:

    …well, at least they look happy

  24. silvertwinz says:

    goodness! that is one HUGE mess they leave behind. holy cow!
    sometimes i wonder if the religious ferver that people experience is because of really feeling good and holy or getting addicted to the idea of the religion itself.

  25. nastya says:

    the guy holding the kid looks like a villian. If i saw him in a dark alley i would pass out. what a scary looking guy.

  26. lolppy says:

    Why jewish society is not tolerant?They are being hated by other communities on earth due to their extreme and strange attitude against them.

  27. Doomer says:

    New York has moved to Kiev?

  28. paul says:

    These people are Hasidic jews. One of the visible marks of Hasidim are their dangly front-hair things.

    Also most large gatherings of humans cause a mess.

    While their customs do appear a bit weird, let’s give them respect for being fellow humans.

  29. Boris says:

    black jews in Ukraine….that was original. What next one legged Irish dwarves in new York? wtf!

  30. mir says:

    The majority of you are anti-Semites, bigots and haters. Different people have different customs and believes. While most of the world are worshiping sex, drugs, alcohol and money, these people are praying to G-d, visiting the gravesite of a holy man, praying and you sit here to judge, their hair, their dancing, their color… As far as the mess, well their annual visit to Uman bring to that side of the world millions of dollars, money that they couldn’t make in two years. Allowing them to lead more comfortable lives. So what if they have to clean up after that week? its part of what they are being paid for. A sports stadium doesn’t look much different after a 2 hour game. I guess its hard to be tolerant when you don’t have knowledge, when you don’t learn and read about different cultures. To the photographer: these photos are amazing. You depicted the joy they feel and the lack of comfort they are willing to endure in order to be together and pray together. Wished your viewers were a bit more intellectuals, learned and tolerant people.

  31. Bigg Fredd says:

    Those assemblies look like a fire marshall’s nightmare, especially with the worship candles.

  32. justsaying says:

    the opium of the people

  33. bubba j says:

    Die Jews !

  34. scott says:

    Where do I get me one of those awesome go-kart-tire Fur Hat

  35. WackyGypsy says:

    I look exactly like the guy with the red beard and furry hat with the extra long payot (ear-locks). Maybe I DO have some Juddaism flowing through my veins!

  36. The power of christ compels you says:

    Religion..a mental parasite.

    Imagine where we would be had we given up all this superstition..and hatred,racism,misogyny that comes with it.

    Read Dawkins The God Delusion and Hitchens God is not great

    Maybe you will wake up..But I guess thats too much to wish for. Religious brainwashing beginning from childhood is a mental disfiguring not easy to get rid off.

  37. Khalid cohen says:

    ( na nach amen )
    ( خالد كوهين ، شارع نا ناخ ، الحي اليهودي ، جدة ، المملكة العربية السعودية )

  38. Khalid cohen says:

    ) انا احبك يا مسيحي و مخلصي نا ناخ آمين )
    ( خالد كوهين ، شارع نا ناخ ، الحي اليهودي ، جدة ، المملكة العربية السعودية )

  39. Khalid cohen says:

    ( نا ناخ آمين )

  40. Khalid cohen says:

    ( my fire will burn until the coming of the messiah ) ( rabbi nachman amen )

  41. Khalid cohen says:

    ( حان الآن وقت هدم قبة الصخرة و المسجد الأقصى و كل المساجد في إسرائيل ، حان الآن وقت قتل كل العرب و المسلمين في إسرائيل و ذبح نسائهم و حرق اطفالهم ، اللعنة عليكم يا عرب و يا مسلمين يا عبيد يا كلاب يا خنازير ، نا ناخ آمين )

  42. Khalid cohen says:

    ( حان الآن وقت بناء الهيكل المقدس ، نا ناخ آمين )

    • Real Estate for the taking says:

      We know, Mr. COHEN… You see, when you “colonize” other people’s land and properties without any kind of compensation (that means, stealing), you can expect all kinds of trouble. Don’t say you don’t know this. Now, keep praying. You may find the word RESPECT there. Or probably not…
      Ask the Christian girl you dream about. She may know something about it.

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