97 Eid al-Fitr Holiday

Eid al-Fitr Holiday

Posted on September 9, 2010 by team


Today is the first day of Eid al-Fitr holiday. Mussulmans farewell with the blessed days of the Ramadan month and can take their first meal after fast. The main ritual of the holiday – divine service in honor of  Eid al-Fitr in the mosques of the city. The pictures were taken in Prospect Mira, Moscow.


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97 Responses to “Eid al-Fitr Holiday”

  1. Alexander says:


  2. TimO says:

    I cant believe you all let them in your country! My goodness, they are everywhere, we need a safe haven far far away from them!

  3. OLUT says:

    Sausage fest, part 2. Better hairstyles, though.

  4. Ghosthunter says:

    Too many pictures. It’d be better to chose and public only the best ones.

  5. caelus says:

    Terrorists in training!

  6. M.E. says:

    why so many people hate Islam?

  7. w says:

    Good place for a bomb. Give them a piece of what they did in Vladikavkaz

  8. Campig says:

    Why so much hate?

  9. Al says:

    Why you guys hate Islam so much?
    If you have problem with some people or their deeds its not fault of Islam.

    • Asher (russian) says:

      I’ll tell you more: every Russian (at least everyone I know) hate moslems. If we had the right we would kill them all, unfortunately russian government protects everyone. But when the time comes, Islam people should know I’m ready to tear them in pieces

    • George Johnson says:

      Because the book of islam says you can do anything to an infidel. You can lie, cheat, steal, and yes, even KILL them.

      Like it or not, YES, it’s islam. There are some “good” muslims, but they’re not TRUE muslims.

      islam is the religion of the oppressed. (which is one reason it’s so popular in prisons, it allows the follower to justify his crimes basically, makes him feel better about himself because it really was OK to kill that guy, he’s an infidel! )

      • Truth says:

        who say that Koran say that ?
        Read Koran and know what is Islam before you write this

      • Al says:

        WTF man seriously???
        Are you nuts?? Islam doesn’t say anything like that and quite the opposite what you are saying, first try to get little knowledge about Islam then comment man!

  10. Alpha says:

    everyone who commented on this is a terrorist and full of hate.
    you hate people because of their religion, and you want to kill them all and tear them apart? and you say they are terrorists and barbarians? no my friend. you are the terrorist now.

    • Asher (russian) says:

      This is just a priventive security measure, why should we wait when they blow bombs?
      You don’t know them, but I was born in Russia and I know what Muslims did and will do. They are absolutely ugly, not educated people, the only thing the can do is to commit crime

      • Alpha says:

        that is very racist of you. there are 1.7 billion muslims in the whole world. does that mean 1 out of 3 people in the world are terrorists waiting to blow bombs? if you believe so then you really are sick. I lived in muslim countries for years and I can tell you they’re peaceful people who want to live their lives like everybody else. just because a few extremists committed crimes does not mean the whole religion is criminals. hitler was a christian and look what he did to your country.. does that mean all christians are nazis or terrorists too?

        • George Johnson says:

          Racist??? Um, religion isn’t a RACE!!

        • Asher (russian) says:

          I didn’t know if Hirler was a christian, but he didn’t live in Russia. btw we killed fashists, did we become terrorist then?
          I agree with you that not all of Muslims are terrorists, I just don’t want they live in Russia. Because we don’t know who of them is a terrorist and who not. Even Hitler was better because he didn’t pretend and we knew our enemies. In contrast, now our enemy is hiding, we don’t know when we should expect a terrorist attack.
          What would you do if you have a gun and see that a person is aiming at you, will you shout him first or will you wait patiently til he kill you?

          • Alpha says:

            racism is hating a whole race, religion or ethnicity. just what are you doing here.
            so tell me, you want to kill a million people because one or two of them MIGHT be terrorists?
            are you a nazi? because that’s what they did to the jews and that’s what they did in russia.
            I don’t see any of those people aiming a gun at you. they are simply citizens celebrating a festival.
            the only terrorists i see are the commenters who asked for those people to be killed or kicked out of the country. if you know history, muslims have been living in russia for hundreds of years.

            • Asher (russian) says:

              I just want to protect russia from terrorism and there era 2 ways: the first is to return muslins in their original lands(asia, the second- kill them (at least they deserve it). They didn’t live in russia for 500 years, they came from asia in last 20 years, ok only very few of them.

              what else would you like to proclaim, chinese lived in russia for 500 years?

          • Alpha says:

            hitler did not live in russia.. go read some history. he tried invading russia and killed millions of people. and he was a christian.

  11. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Overpopulation (again! see previous post). Nature will take care of things in the future.

    • SovMarxist1924 says:

      This also goes to the previous post: No rational or intelligent human will believe in culture/religion; therefore, “believers” (Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Christians, Mormons, Hindu) reproduce prodigiously knowing it is easy to brainwash children. They have 5, 6, 7, etc. children knowing that 75-90 per cent of children follow the same religion as their parents. If one or two are atheist/agnostic/different religion, so what? “We” are still going to become the majority. Science “knows” every one is the same. Religion and culture are anti-intellectual and unscientific.

    • dude says:

      “Looks a lot cleaner and disciplined compared to the Jewish festival you posted yesterday.”

      does it really?

      one thing struck me as very funny reading all these prejudice and stereo typed comments is all vendors selling things.. making money off a religious holiday.. a stereo type often falsely associated with jews.

  12. First says:

    Looks a lot cleaner and disciplined compared to the Jewish festival you posted yesterday.

  13. Testicules says:

    1st. All these Russian Muslems are litterbugs.

    2nd. Are those Pokeman cards they’re trading?

    3rd. Not all muslems are terroist

    4th. Most terrorist are mulems.

    5th. Most muslems in Russia are not hot.

    • Musa says:

      I have never seen a “hot muslim” anywhere in the World, I’m NOT so sure they even exist.

      These muslims are just flexing their muscles. It’s like their saying, “LOOK we are many and we are not afraid to publicly shove our Islam down your INFIDEL throats! HA HA!” I’m personally not impressed.

      They really need to learn how to pick up their trash and dispose of it properly. That’s not attractive at all.

      • Dave says:

        You have never seen a hot Muslim? I suggest you work in Malaysia or Indonesia for a time. There are lots of them there.

        • Musa says:

          Do they now! Okay, I’ll have to make a special trip just to go see a “hot muslim” for myself… NOT!

          The very idea of a “hot muslim” may excite you, Dave… but it does absolutely NOTHING for me.

  14. Zolotoy Grebeshok says:

    I have nothing against islam. I just hate illegal immigrants.

  15. babayaga says:

    hey no offense and no racism, where should I be if I were a muslimah?
    I just wondered where islamic females were praying.

    • Alpha says:

      The women pray in rows behind the men usually if it’s a small crowd. But in large crowds like this I think they pray in a separate area

  16. Erik says:

    Stop complaining, this is way better than the disgusting jews earlier this week.

  17. fabulous says:

    Absolutely revolting!!!!!!!!!!!

    Churi von iz Rossii!!!!!

  18. fabulous says:

    The above should read:

    Churki von iz Rossii!!

  19. Sense sir me says:

    Moderator, this post is very inappropriate A DAY AFTER when muslim terrorists killed over 17 innocents and injured 123 others at a supermarket in Vladikavkaz. Please remove your post. Totally inappropriate!

  20. xoxo says:

    com’on pips… “love your enemy”, “love each other”, hello? it is the only way to break the circle of hate. xoxo

  21. moxim says:

    Most of those in picture are not Russians but people from Central Asian muslim countries or from Southern border of Russia. The vast majority of ethnic russians are orthodox christian, with a tiny number of jewish [most live in israel now]. So these muslims are not Russians. Muslims have been moving north to Moscow since the 70s in large numbers for work…and they are parasites just like in other nations. they attempt to set themselves apart as slightly superior,as though they can talk down to Christians but a Christian cannot talk down to a muslim at all.

    but this is the face of Russia in the future. ethnic russians have very few children, so we are a dwindling population while muslims and asians [from siberia] have huge families.

  22. moxim says:

    If you look at the pics, they bare the fact that there is a Muslim population boom. Notice that most of the people in the images are young people between 15-25 years old, with a few old folks present. That is because the non-Russian population is skewed to young people since they have so many kids.

    Now if you were to take a picture of a large group of ethnic Russian people today you would get a vastly different picture. It would be dominated by grey haired, WW2 veteran old folks. With few young Russian people present.

    And that is Russia’s problem really…give it a few more generations and if Russian woman dont start having more babies then Russia will become a Muslim country and lose its Russian identity.

    • Sense sir me says:

      It’s not just a Russian problem but British, French, Germans, Belgians, Dames, Swedes, Americans, Canadians, Dutch, Belgians, Australian problem as well.If political correctness prevails, all these nationalities including Russia will be muslim as well say in 20-40 years…

  23. Truth says:

    Muslims did not come to Russia ,Russia came to them they live in their origin country russia since thousands of years even before they convert to Islam Circassians, Chechens, Tartars they are not Foreign they Indigenous People ,read the history if you want to knows who is the real terrorist ,they just hate Muslims because they are not Christian

  24. Truth says:

    Muslims did not come to Russia ,Russia came to them they live in their origin country russia since thousands of years even before they convert to Islam Circassians, Chechens, Tartars they are not Foreign they Indigenous People

    • Goldsholl says:

      Dear Truth: Thanks for trying. You’re a brave person. I don’t know how so many moderate Muslims make it in Russia surrounded by white supremacist swine, but they do, which speaks very well of them at least…

  25. Truth says:

    if you think there is 1.7 billion terrorist in the world you better live in other planet

  26. rawen40 says:

    I’m in England now,never lived in Russia actioly,so what,my parents speak 2 me in russian so…U realy give away 2 this blacks space…so much space,police protection,’n’ more…were U goin’? U protect them-U even whith them-have a life when,I live in Eng. Notts-little alabama,’n’ happy abou it GET A LIFE-SHOW MUSLIM HIS PLACE,DRIVE A TAXI OR SOMETHING.!

  27. rawen40 says:

    To:Sense sir me….’It’s not just a Russian problem but British,’ sorry darling,never seen such a thing in my neighbourhood :))))))))

  28. Gena says:

    What is world coming to? We were under muslim oppression for sooo long.. our ancestors gave their lives away to keep these animals at bay beyond their borders and now.. they are on our doorstep. It saddens me to see these devil worshipers on our motherland. Orthodox Christians UNITE! Time has come to fight these oppressors again! We must do what our forefathers did, fight them to the end. There could be no retreat~!

    • rawen40 says:

      Red cross had banged on my doors ‘n’ asked if I could help towars floods in Pakistan.I said-love 2 but my hose pipe only reaches the bottom of the garden.:)))))))))))

    • rawen40 says:

      The rescue workers at the Pakistan floods say the smell of bodies is unbearable.They expect 2 get worse then they found dead once.:))))))))))))))))))

    • moxim says:

      Orthodox are the most likely to riot and figt back against muslims, we do have a long history with islam and much of it is muslims trying to conquer and enslave orthodox christian russians [like they did to the byzantines, the albanians and countless others].

      Western Europe wont fight back, they’re leadership is really poor and the leaders there seem content to believe that muslims will become european somehow [which wont happen].

      But russia is different from western europe, and we have plenty of different ethnic groups in Russia…so unlike Western europe where a Turk tries to claim he is a German [when hes not, hes a turk]…In Russia you are either a Russian or not. A Tatar or Turk is not a ethnic Russian and vice versa. so we dont have political correctness dragging russians down.

      • jeffrey pigden says:

        The western world has been ruined by religious influence the same way corrupt imams have ruined the Muslim world.
        Islam is rampant all over Asia, yet none of the terrorists come from there; primarily because Asia doesn’t care about Israel. The Islamic terrorism is ENTIRELY aimed at the enemies of Arabia/friends of Israel.
        The western world has been corrupted by the power-mad politicians who would do ANYTHING to get elected. They will even cater to pacifists, neoNazis, religions, anyone who promises to vote for them. They fear doing ANYTHING to lose a vote; therefore they talk constantly and say nothing !!!!

      • Greg says:

        there is your jihad army. they chose to do this outside to intimidate people. the same has been done in France and it has been posted on dailymotion. This is very very very bad news. Islam is about intimidation and submission there is no “peace” until you do everything they say. Then you become part of their machine. Read about “dhimmi” status. If you go to London you can see some parts ressemble 100% bangladesh or Egypt. We have a right as Russian or Westerner to live and preserve our culture. Why are our countries being flooded with these people? No-one is suggesting that Muslim countries be flooded with christians. They are making genocide on white countries.In the West they believe you should make a lot of money that way you do not speak to muslims.live same area etc. They make big mistake capitalism is not PATRIOTIC and does not guarantee anything

  29. George says:

    Kill them all

  30. Akskl says:

    This forum is full of Nazi. People on the photos are just praying. BTW, proper Russian territories are located north of Oka river (about 2 hours drive south from Moscow):

    Henry Howorth “History of the Mongols – From the 9th to the 19th Century” Pt 2, The So-called Tartars of Russia and Central Asia, Division 1, Elibron Classics, @2005 Adamant Media Corporation, published in 1880 by Longmans, Green and Co, London

    …The Oka was the great frontier river between the Tartars and their proteges, the Russians…

  31. John : Melbourne Australia says:

    Why so many pics ?

    Oh . I am soooo happy I live in Australia , not to many muslims here… 1.12% , thank GOD !!!

    Melbourne Australia

    • Asher (russian) says:

      Hi mate, I’m living in Sydney, no muslims, quite and safety to live here :)

      • veevee says:

        Hi mate, I was in Sydney for 2 years and I’m Muslim, and there are still many of my Muslim brothers living in Sydney. I think u’ll have to learn paying attention to ur surrounding more ;)

  32. nastya says:

    you would think that at least one of these muslims would be hot….

  33. JoJo says:

    LOL at the “mr. burrito” in 2nd to last pic. I wonder how good a Russian burrito might be …

  34. Geoffrey says:

    This is exactly like a rally of Hitler in Berlin in 1936. These barbarians are all rapists, killers, mutilators of women and enemies of all people on Earth.
    Russians should wake up and deport all these criminals.
    Islamofascism is the same as Hitlerism, only ten times worse.
    Those who allow this rally to happen are comitting a crime
    against humanity.

  35. Spongebobtotherescue says:

    Muslim men are the worst. They live in lala land. Being female, I was told once by one that I couldn’t touch anything of his in case I was on my period. Dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  36. ch says:

    same view in some west eropean cities. in marseille sou france port, you even can feel it is north african city in the street as so many muslins.

  37. Gerhard says:

    Regarding all hate comments here…

    Germany used to be the world center of fascism. Someone told me in a party yesterday that Russia has taken the lead, and I wasn’t so sure.

    Now I am!

  38. mephamd says:

    Eid el mubarek…
    Too many racist comments.Sadly for you.
    If russians dont want live in together muslims, then leave muslim lands, central asia,tatarystan, kırım, chechenia,dagistan,cherkezia vs.
    I love russia and russians, kind of russian expert.But this comments may change my ideas…
    Russians you can not let hitlers,nazis live with you…
    And people who want to kill muslims; come turkey and start here, if you can of course…

    • moxim says:

      Figures you are a nasty Turk, you say Russians are oppressing muslims yet your peoples entire history is of stealing land from Christian people. And as far as nazis go, virtually no russian is a nazi sympathiser however that does not mean we need to give up our country to you just so we dont get called a racist or a nazi.

  39. The West says:

    There are many interesting comments on this post.There are 4 times more interesting comments on the post from the Russian site this came from!

  40. A muslim says:

    I need here to clarify that Islam has not do such a thing to you guys. First you should know Islam is quite tolerance with other religions whether Christianity or Jewish , so it is not force you to be a Muslim. All men in pictures became Muslims after they thought many times about it. and to make a point as a Muslim I swear god I love anyone here or there and I treat with them genitally and honestly because Islam teach me that but if I do not, I got sines because of that. So did you guys see Islam is a love religion ?

  41. M.E. says:

    I think you guys need to read the translation of Qur’an

  42. kirov says:

    some muslims fight in Russian army, and enjoy killing terrorists. the real enemy: dumb western kids who deserve 2 be beaten up.

  43. The West says:


  44. marco says:

    Poor Russia.. the good, old Soviet Union wouldn’t have let that street assembly.. the world has gone wrong after the end of Cold War.. instead of going forward we are getting back to a new dark age..

  45. Sabot says:

    The Mufti should issue a fatwah against littering.

  46. Marie says:

    There are good and bad Moslems just like good and bad Christians and Jews. These fellows seem nice, moderate, they dress normally and they look like they fit-in pretty well so I don’t see what the problem is. They are obviously not all terrorists. As for the real terrorists there is a problem that happens when people feel like they are downtrodden and oppressed, they lash out. I think that since the fall of the Ottoman empire the Islamic world has been feeling that they are not doing as good as they should be and they feel bad, and this creates opportunities for extremists to take advantage. The Moslem world needs new ways to greatness: enough dignity and wealth for everyone not so much economic disparity. This is the only solution but it is basically way too big so I am not optimistic.

  47. AdelSaqqaf says:

    Peace be upon you all, why do u heat Islam, Do u think Muslims are killers, boomers? No of course NO those who claims being Muslims in-front of the world and kill other incest humans are not Muslims those have been hired to do so for political reasons. Islam thought us not to kill at all what ever the reason. those who have been hurt by fake Muslims please dont act or say anything before you read more about Islam. You will see all the good things all muslims believers see how and who are the real muslims peaceful and merciful.

  48. Roman says:

    and Russia – white country…we had cool skinheads :)

  49. Lootah says:

    Read Koran and know what is Islam before you write this

  50. sashka says:

    why they are comming to russia,europe and usa? they should stay in their fu***g countries.

  51. Hurano says:

    Well, not everyone here do know what Muslims represent, as i see. Mostly, Muslims nowadays are popular among Kaukasian republic, that are now overcrowded – and not civilized, too. During the day they are your neighbours and friends, but after dusk thay may easy take their AK and shoot you – or try, at least. Allah akbar, sekir bashka, kortochka siktim (c). Do you really wanna live with such eerm.. neighby? Seriously? Well, that’s it.
    Of course, there are many and MANY people in Tatarstan and in the some Siberian districts, but there are no terrorists threaten due to the normal lifestyle of these country-dwellers.

  52. carrie says:

    chechen devils

  53. andrey55555 says:

    1-2 generations of Russian Slavs simply ostnetsya.
    I do not want that.
    and, therefore, Russia should give independence to these republics

  54. Dogz says:

    Whoever commented here on killing all Muslims is a terrorist himself.
    Shame on YOU!!!

  55. Muppet says:

    eid al-mubarek to my fellow muslems in russia…
    peace be upon all of you
    -greetings from Malaysia

  56. tim Hanks says:

    This shows unity. Very nice images.

  57. Sukhan Khan says:

    We broke the Soviet Union that is why they hate us. :)

  58. Heli says:

    Russia please leave Chenchya, USA please leave Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Muslim immigrants emigrate to work, Russian and American went to conquer and oppress. Thanx for the images!

  59. jaanu naqvi says:

    my brother and sister you are requested to take a gun and kill the god who is responceable forthe heavy groth of muslims in comparasion to white race other wise read the history of hitler ,mosulini, stalin who kill more then 100 million people and in russia deported millions of muslims from their home land to sibarea is it humanity . we muslims are against terorism and true muslim can not be terorist . 20 million christ are living in peace in arab country they are coptic christ and there is no fight . we as a muslim condemned the act of terorist and ready to fight the teroorist with you any where in the world my humble request is this not to blame islam

  60. Abdul Latheef says:

    All the comments are read, most of them hating muslims, One of the major point, most of the killers coming from Europe, they conquered America, Australia, Newziland etc. and killed the natives of lands and implemented their rules, America put atom bomb in Japan and killed number of civilians, Actually true barbarians Euripeans not from Asia. Before criticising just read translation of quran. Islam never allowed terrorism, islam always against terrorism. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin are world most terrorists. In addition to Russia conquered most of the central asian countries and implemented their communist idea, now all communist countries disappeared after the implementatio of Gorbachery Galsnote and peristroika. Why you criticising muslms, firstly all are read old history of the world.

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