9 Evenki of the Verkhoyansk Mountains

Evenki of the Verkhoyansk Mountains

Posted on September 6, 2010 by team

The Evenkis of the Verkhoyansk Mountains 1

What do most of us know about Eveni and Evenki? Nearly nothing! Today we are going to pay a visit to the central and eastern parts of Siberia to have a closer look at people who live there.

A hut in Yuchugei. It was built in the Soviet time as an experimental one, applying a special technology – the hut had to warm itself. It has no stove or any other heaters except the electrical one. And it’s in the coldest place of the northern hemisphere of our planet! In winter snow and ice do not melt a meter from the floor in the hut. They always wear warm clothes inside. The village has several huts like this.

They do not cook national food anymore, have grown lazy and now prefer to buy concentrated products. Only one granny, aged 65, tries to keep up the traditions and still make national clothing of buck skin.

The Evenkis of the Verkhoyansk Mountains 2

Most of Eveni and Evenki, both yound and old, like to booze, it is hard to meet abstainers here. Only few speak the Even language, most of them already speak Russian or Yakut.

The Evenkis of the Verkhoyansk Mountains 3

They fish, hunt, gather berries.


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  1. SSSR says:


  2. russia_bound says:

    Well congrats on first place, wow I didn’t think people were still that lonely to comment with nothing but the word first. Now on to the pictures, its an amazing way to live. Its pretty cool that they have kept that way of life even with today’s modern advances with cell phones and computers. That’s a very neat set of pictures. Thanks to whoever submitted them.

  3. Chris says:


  4. Testicules says:

    They need a few cowboys to chase them around the woods.

  5. George Johnson says:

    You gotta be tough to live like that. The similarity to the America Indians is striking. Just more proof to me that they came from the land bridge.

  6. Fife says:

    Native Americans are decedents of Northern Asian people of Russia. They crossed the frozen ice bridge of the bearing strait thousands of years ago. They migrated south as far as the bottom tip of South America.

  7. Akskl says:

    There were several waves of migrations of peoples from North-East Asia through Chukotka and Alaska into the Americas.

  8. Traffic says:

    Brokeback mountain?

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