22 Ekranoplan – The Inside View

Ekranoplan – The Inside View

Posted on September 5, 2010 by team

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 1

We have already seen the exterior of ekranoplans and today we are going to see the stuff never published before – the inside view of ekranoplans.

The entry

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 2

A huge knight for various floatation devices

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 3

Fire-extinguishing means

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 4Ekranoplan - The Inside View 5

Personal floating devices

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 6Ekranoplan - The Inside View 7

The view out of the window at the dock

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 8

Further to the forebody we can meet a latrine

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 9

A cabin of the crew

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 10

A galley at the portside

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500 liters of drinking water

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 13

Equipment room

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 14

Close to the forebody, here must be a small anchor

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 15

Radar in the forebody

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 16

All the equipment meet the sea standards, weight, dimensions

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 17

The crew cab

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 18

Captain’s station

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 19

General view of the radar

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 20

The workplace of the second pilot

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Ekranoplan - The Inside View 23


Ekranoplan - The Inside View 24

Such devices are used for air drying along all the windows in the cab

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 25

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 26

Devices along the starboard

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 27Ekranoplan - The Inside View 28

The upper central board

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 29Ekranoplan - The Inside View 30

Devices on the central board

–nextpage–Ekranoplan - The Inside View 31Ekranoplan - The Inside View 32

Alarm system

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 33

Engines control members

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 34

Upper board

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 35

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 36

Workplace of a flight engineer

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 37Ekranoplan - The Inside View 38

Another workplace

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 39Ekranoplan - The Inside View 40


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A hatch to climb on the roof

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 42Ekranoplan - The Inside View 43

Pay attention to the alarm system of the ship type

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 44

Going to the stern we can see various devices

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 45

Fire-fighting system

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 46Ekranoplan - The Inside View 47Ekranoplan - The Inside View 48Ekranoplan - The Inside View 49Ekranoplan - The Inside View 50


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Some test recording apparatus

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 52Ekranoplan - The Inside View 53Ekranoplan - The Inside View 54Ekranoplan - The Inside View 55

Gunner’s place

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 56Ekranoplan - The Inside View 57

The rope for the case of emergency

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 58Ekranoplan - The Inside View 59Ekranoplan - The Inside View 60–nextpage–Ekranoplan - The Inside View 61

Going further to the stern

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 62Ekranoplan - The Inside View 63Ekranoplan - The Inside View 64Ekranoplan - The Inside View 65

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 66Ekranoplan - The Inside View 67

A hose for firefighting?

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 68

A manhole leading to horizontal fins of the tail and the radars

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 69Ekranoplan - The Inside View 70–nextpage–Ekranoplan - The Inside View 71Ekranoplan - The Inside View 72Ekranoplan - The Inside View 73

The gunner’s cabin

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 74

The rear cabin of the gunner

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 75

The manhole – viewing from above

Ekranoplan - The Inside View 76via igor113

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22 responses to “Ekranoplan – The Inside View”

  1. Byron76 says:

    Strange machine the ekranoplane… but each time that you show a little more about it, i like it each time more…
    Greetings from Argentina!!!
    BTW, first!!!! (I hate those claims)

    • Saniok says:

      Ademas esta bastante bien conservado, se ve que lo estan cuidando… sino ya estaria saqueado como es costumbre.
      Vnutri kak novyj i jeto zdorovo!

  2. Yubin Yankinov says:

    I love the ekranoplan concept. But as with most of your technology picture tours, I wish you’d translate some of the control panel labels.

    • Moscowguy24 says:

      Seriously, Print out the russian alphabet and do it by yourself, a lot of words a similar to german or english or frech. My friend tought himself the russian alphabet within 2 hours. i also learnd it like that)) And its great because you will be able to read Ukranian, Belarussian, serbian, etc… too! And Russian is a great language to learn)) Good luck!

  3. Jim Bob says:

    More Ekronoplan please! These machines are awesome! This one looks like it is pretty well preserved, I wonder if it could ever fly again?

  4. wtf says:

    now that we have seen the outside and the inside, let’s expect it to have a small flight , no?

  5. Chris says:

    Wawawoowa, is very nice.

    I take it back, Russians are capable of something.

    Why is it in such good condition, is an oligarch making it flight worthy???

  6. Testiculese says:

    This would be a great device to travel in. I wonder how hard it would be to manufacture a consumer verions.

  7. cockatrice says:

    Love those rudimentary horizon gyros. Huge with very basic display. Given that you’re not getting a lot of altitude, it shows only 0-15 degrees bank, no 30 and 45 degree markers.

  8. Bartek says:

    Great photos !

  9. The west says:


  10. bebop says:

    I love this site, greetings from Houston,Texas,U.S.A.

  11. geoper2 says:

    Wow !! great pictures , its just amazing what they could build with the available technology of that time

  12. Dave says:

    One thing leaves me puzzled. I notice that much of the inside of the ekranoplan is padded. Is there a reason for this? All I can think of is that flying in one of them must have been a bumpy ride and that it’s there for the protection of the flight crew- either that or insulation.

    • Tomsk says:

      Very simple reason. Pilot and technical aircrew are important people, not easily replaceable if sick or injured.
      Very easy for comrade banging of head on roof so roof padded. But yes, very bumpy ride in transition to and from W.I.G.E. flight. Notice padded sacks below recording instruments in some photographs, also very simple, very effective.

  13. Andrasone-HUN says:

    These machines are awesome and wonderful! Belong to this: http://englishrussia.com/index.php/2010/03/12/ekranoplan/

  14. mizz... (A) says:

    Sorry my English..

    Both i guess, but my guess is that also is for reducing noise/vibration insulation.

  15. mizz... (A) says:

    No kidding, if i´ve gor heck a LOT of money i will build further on this concept but constructing a huge space vehicle to travel further into the space, guess i´m not alone thinking of that while wotching tohse wonderful pictures.

    Well Well It´s a real geeks rigt to hawe dreams i hope… 😀


  16. Gerhard says:

    sou uma profundo adimirador dos ecranoplanos e vinha buscando essas imagens de dentro a bastante tempo, gostaria de lhe agradecer muito por que sou apaixonado por essas maquinas incriveis, você fez um grande e exelente trabalho pena que o ecranoplano k m afundou seria muito bom ver imagens internas de também.valeu mesmo.

  17. petrohof says:

    not stolen or looted yet? lets hope there is some money to put it in museum.

  18. E. W. says:

    Still think those macines had worked well for spacecraft purposes if re-designed a bit…
    Just the problem move such weight out of the Earths atmosphere. I will deffinitly had going to Mars or further in such macine! How cool hadn´t that been!!!!!! I wish i hagd that money… I realy do!

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