42 Weird Guy Living in a Forest

Weird Guy Living in a Forest

Posted on September 4, 2010 by team

Strange Guy Living in a Forest 1

This weird guy, Victor Borisov, lives in a forest and makes a website with help of a cellphone. He used a bicycle to make his own power station, he’s built a house and made a stove. So, it’s not an ordinary man, and all his life resembles a feat.

The “stove” where Boris cooks food.

Strange Guy Living in a Forest 2

His worst enemies: crazy hunters with guns, authorities and a big deer who likes to walk nearby.

“Spa sauna” – all materials are junk that had been found in the street, repaired and adjusted for daily living needs.

Strange Guy Living in a Forest 3

The house again.


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42 Responses to “Weird Guy Living in a Forest”

  1. Andrei says:

    2 Second ;) Back to the woods


    Trojka cigarettes`… *cough*

  3. Rolfmao says:

    Could we get the website address as well please?

  4. CottonCentury says:

    I’d like to see a website made with a mobile phone. What’s the link?
    Also, how does he pay for phone bills/credit?

  5. eyefull says:

    What a MAN! Great.! Everyman has dreamed of living like this; self reliant, independant, owing nothing to no one, answering to no one, Master of ones own life and destiny.This man has done it, created it all, by himself. Independant. Not a hermit, divorced from the world; but a man apart, above the world; interacting when and how He wants with the world. Great use of tech to make himself comfortable, clean, self sufficient. Displaying great resourcefullness and clever in doing this.
    A hero to all the men who only dream of this freedom. Thank you.

  6. Moscowguy24 says:

    Interesting guy! i was wondering about his phonebill to. i think the webpage is nothing more than a blog he updates

  7. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Anarchism. Better than capitalism.

  8. Boritz says:

    This must be fake. Bicycle generator is total joke, would produce power enough for bicycle lamp only! Where is this guys food? He has no garden, and firewood is also not in sight. Appears that he most likely only pays visits to his camp, as he has not essentials for survival in such a place.

  9. Keroro says:

    He’s site (in Russian) http://gonchij.wen.ru/

  10. Capitalist Pig says:

    this guy is like Bear Grylls

  11. George Johnson says:

    Yeah, that generator is BS. Maybe enough power to charge up the cell phone after an hour or two (or four…). Think about this, even with a GOOD generator, to get a single 100 watt light bulb going, you have to be really huffing and puffing on that bike (any bike). And most people can’t keep it going for more than a couple of minutes.

    The camp looks like it’s just a camp site that he visits on the weekends or once a month maybe. I have one, without most of the stuff, that I go to once in a while when I go camping.

    • Artyom says:

      The amount of electricity he uses he doesn’t need a sustained charge to the battery and inverter. He can almost certainly use that for charging a phone and using a lightbulb at night. He isn’t going to power a gaming computer or power tools. The radio he made with the computer speaker is likely an AM type radio that doesn’t need electricity at all. Read about crystal radios))) They’re interesting.

      • Arsenic says:

        It needs power still for such a speaker dude. A crystal reciever can only power a small crystal earphone,not a speaker.And even with a small earpiece,u’d have to listen very well to even listen to the weather reports, the sound is very weak.

  12. biggfredd says:

    If you’re using 12v (like the taxi lamp) it wouldn’t take much generating. There are flashlights that work for several minutes after a few seconds of tipping back and forth. Windup radios work similarly.

  13. So says:

    boris is a PEDO…look a pink bear!!!runnnn

  14. David says:

    People who wrote story about this guy should give him an iPhone as a thanks. He can clearly utilize it well.

    • Artyom says:

      iPhone would limit him completely as it would make him need a monthly payment plan instead of a pay for minutes. These pay for minutes don’t need to be used for a year also. So the SIM card doesn’t get blocked unlike some services. Also the phone he has has freeware easily accessable.

  15. Vytautas Pi says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Respect for this MAN. I think after ~5 years he will make nice finding for humans.

  16. uy says:

    good very good.I wonder where the man gets money to survive.I mean to say he cant live without food,cloths,medicines,vodka and cigarrettes …

  17. captn says:

    Everything is too clean—none of the construction wood has been weathered more than a year or two. The ‘weird guy’ is too clean to have been in the woods more than a few hours! The ‘big deer’ would completely ignore the (new) wire fence.

    The TAXI light is the only interesting thing in this ‘story’.

  18. Sebastian says:

    It frustrates me that you immediately assume he is “weird”. I have respect for anyone who can successfully survive in wilderness conditions and gather their own food.

  19. Testiculese says:

    He won’t be there by November. He’ll back living with hs momma.

  20. Daaaa says:

    gonchij.wen.ru >>> this is his site.

  21. Grek says:

    Amazing respect

  22. Erik says:

    This is a nice chap lives in poverty. He has no any ID card or passport since policemen took away all his documents. So he’s been deprived of any civil rights in Russia. He is not a drunkard, criminal or drug abuser. He tried to rehabilitate and restore his ID card in vain. I got information on this guy from his web site which is being run by him from mobile phone. Here is his email – q2212@yandex.ru
    I guess he doesn’t speak English.

  23. The west says:


  24. Artyom says:

    1 pack of Troika costs around 18 rubles which is around under 75 cents. I don’t think smoking Troika a lot is an indicator of wealth.

  25. MadYank says:

    Take a good look Americans, this is how we’ll all be living next year.

  26. Danny says:

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  32. Yojimbo says:

    a youtube video about this guy or a very similar one


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