26 An Englishman In The USSR

An Englishman In The USSR

Posted on September 4, 2010 by team


These photographs were taken during the journey in the USSR made by an Englishman Jim Linwood in 1990. Jim travelled along the trans-Siberian railway, visited Moscow and Leningrad.



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26 Responses to “An Englishman In The USSR”

  1. Nergol says:

    Now there were *real* times of “hope” and “change”…

  2. JekaZ says:

    Why on the hotel ticket when name there is written “Anglija” (England)?

  3. kbr says:

    have you noticed something? The absence of cars (at least many cars, like it is today !

  4. George Johnson says:

    Yeah, that is one great looking toilet! Looks like it just opens right up to the tracks.

  5. Yubin Yankinov says:

    Now if only this Englishman had invested in a decent camera and some photography lessons.

  6. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Too many churches, religious structures. J. Stalin reinstated religion, religious ceremonies. Something to think about.

  7. Chris says:

    Wawawoowa, very nice!!

  8. Testiculese says:

    SovMarxist1924 mght be a big duche bag. Something to think about.

    I am sure he misses all hs friends from the bread lines.

  9. Rainer says:

    nice pictures! and almost unbelieveable to see the streets in st petersburg without traffic jam! ;)

  10. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Nice pictures of a different place and a different time.

  11. Leo Petr says:

    Yeah, that’s my childhood. Things got much better after ’91. Good riddance to the USSR.

    It’s not just the absence of cars. There’s also the absence of ads and, more importantly, the absence of stores. There were practically no small businesses.

  12. zipp says:

    Many of the images could of been shot last winter.

  13. The west says:


  14. russia_bound says:

    Cool pictures, definitely gives people more insight to how much of a huge change has taken place since the Iron Curtain has fallen. The pictures offer up a window into another time and what seems another place entirely from what a city, town, or village would look like today..Props to the person who submitted these photos and Thank You

  15. Trevor says:

    The look of Russia then reminds me of the DDR in the early 1980s. That old Iron Curtain look.

    These photographs are of what caught the eye of the tourist visiting a strange land: they are meant to show what was interesting rather than have pretensions to art.

  16. Alex R says:

    Ah, memories. I’ve been on those trains — they were really great. Most toilets were perfectly fine, and in fact I’ve never seen one in such a state of disrepair, at least not in 1989. The best photo is the one of the metro (subway) station, photo 181 — looks like a museum, but in fact it’s just a normal metro station. Awesome.

  17. istorik says:

    Nice shots. That time was probably the best for such a journey – now, our toilets might look better, but everything else…

  18. Yurka says:

    i love the check out time from the hotel 12 AM isn it meant to be 12 pm

  19. moeshere says:

    the places are just nasty..why live there shessssss

  20. Dexrtrum says:

    Nice! I work near the place on first photo =)

  21. Jim says:

    The photos are mine and I’m pleased to see them here and read all the comments. The quality is poor because they are scans of low-res paper photos often shot through windows- there was no such thing as digital in 1990.

    The full set with captions giving the locations are here:


    My photos of Berlin in 1990 are here:


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