35 Residential Complexes of Moscow

Residential Complexes of Moscow

Posted on September 2, 2010 by team

Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 1

Look at the Moscow’s outskirts and their residential compounds inside this post.

Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 2Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 3Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 4Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 5

Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 6Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 7Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 8Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 9Moscow\'s Outskirts And Their Residential Compounds 10


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35 Responses to “Residential Complexes of Moscow”

  1. Santey says:

    In Russia people are still not fully realized that to live in large cities and metropolitan areas is harmful to health when they realize – too late to be

    • Perviy says:

      They are in any case will not live to old age due to excessive consumption of beer and vodka. In Russia, they drink almost everything from the earliest years. img5’immage’de409b2d072cgirlsandbeer’jpg

  2. c says:

    What is that white building on picture no. 6?

  3. russia_bound says:

    Amazing buildings, I cant wait to see them for myself when I go to Russia. Architecture like this is awe inspiring…

  4. Ivan says:

    White building on picture 6 is the Science Academy of Russia

  5. muzzer says:

    Beautiful pictures. Would love to visit Russia one day but heard it is very expensive. Maybe one day!

  6. Sense sir me says:

    Any photos of neighbourhoods with detached residences?

  7. George Johnson says:

    Some really nice looking buildings there. Nice mix of trees and concrete too. That’s one reason I hate the cities, just no trees. I need GREEN around me.

  8. DouglasUrantia says:

    Looks like any big city…the occasional golden church domes at least give some relief to dehumanizing scene.

  9. Capitalist Pig says:

    Is that a mosque ? In picture 20 .

  10. beentheredonethat says:

    Its only green for about 90 days. The rest of the time it is white, or muddy slush with trash littered throughout.

  11. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Overpopulation. Growth like cancer; it will eventually kill the host (humanity). Disurbanistic “cities” and communes promote ZPG. More resources for all, less waste. Stalin ruined everything…

  12. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Some of those buildings look like they were directly transplanted from the USA.

    • SSSR says:

      Inspiration from NYC during Stalins reign.

    • eger_666 says:

      You think that high buildings are only in the USA?
      How should we build them, to make them not “look like USA”???

      • SSSR says:

        Every country copies each other.The USA has copied buildings from other country’s.Stalin did the 7 sisters buildings and some of them resemble the Empire State Building.It is a historical fact.HOWEVER….the interior of the buildings in Moscow look better than the buildings in NYC.

        • Erika says:

          It was the municipal building in NYC that inspired Stalin.But some of them do look like the empire state building on top.-http://www.nyc-architecture.com/SCC/SCC030a.htm

  13. Poche says:

    Just out of curiousity, what does an ‘normal’ size appartment cost in Moskou? Let say a modern 3 room appartment or such.

  14. Sven the swede says:

    When people think of amazing cities they will soon think of Moscow! Not New York or London. Sweden have so much to learn from Russia.

    • eger_666 says:

      Hey, I was in Sweden some weeks ago, in Stockholm and in Upsula. Both cities are awesome, so don’t worry :)
      But you’re right, Moscow is a really amazing place.

  15. FLAC says:

    Amazing city, I going to move to Russia!

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